We Invite You To Our Wedding

We Invite You To Our Wedding
We Invite You To Our Wedding

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The couple of Pavel Priluchny and Agatha Muceniece never ceases to be discussed in the media. Journalists now and then attribute conflicts to the family and even fights, report the actor's alleged mistresses. Recently, the role of the "third superfluous" has increasingly begun to be assigned to the ex-wife of Konstantin Bogomolov Daria Moroz.

Agata Muceniece tries to "keep her face" and not react to rumors. Nevertheless, it is quite obvious that the conversations around her family hurt the girl. In her blog "Priluchnye Weekdays" on the YouTube channel, she now and then tries this situation, if not hush up, then at least translate it into a joke. In the last issue, the actress asked her husband to comment on the alleged affair with Moroz, to which he simply answered shortly “yes”. Despite his wife's requests to say something more detailed, the man simply stopped the conversation.

In the last vlog, Agatha unexpectedly appeared in the frame together with the "homeless woman" herself.

“Dasha and I want to make a confession. She broke up with her husband a long time ago, I also recently, and we spend our holidays together in London. I want to change my surname ",

- declared Muceniece.

After that, the girls kissed and continued the dialogue.

“The following articles should be like this:“Agatha with an unpronounceable surname confirmed an affair with Daria Moroz and took her last name,”the second girl joked. “Agatha Frost! We invite everyone to our wedding,”said Mutseniece.

After that, Daria said that Pavel Priluchny had lost his chance, and Agatha apologized for what she had done.

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