The Ex-wife Spoke About Bogomolov And Sobchak

The Ex-wife Spoke About Bogomolov And Sobchak
The Ex-wife Spoke About Bogomolov And Sobchak

Video: The Ex-wife Spoke About Bogomolov And Sobchak

Video: КОНСТАНТИН БОГОМОЛОВ | Первое интервью нового худрука театра на Малой Бронной | ОСТОРОЖНО СОБЧАК 2022, November

Actress Daria Moroz gave the first official comment regarding her relationship with director Konstantin Bogomolov. The artist announced her separation from the master, but noted an interesting detail.

Since the end of 2018, rumors have been persistently circulated in the media that Ksenia Sobchak is carried away by director Konstantin Bogomolov. Allegedly, the couple were seen several times together, and even kissing (however, there is still not a single photo confirming their closeness). Against the background of rumors, the husband of Ksenia, actor Maxim Vitorgan, periodically published controversial posts on his Instagram account.

The culmination was information about a fight that took place between Sobchak's husband and her alleged lover. True, the faces in the video, which spread at a breakneck speed on the Web, cannot be seen. However, after the incident, Konstantin Bogomolov complained about the displaced bones of his face, which, however, did not prevent him from going on stage in a couple of days and as if nothing had happened to play the performance. Subsequently, people who were close to the stage noted that they could not see any damage to Bogomolov.

One thing is clear: the rumors had a positive effect on the work of all three. And to Sobchak, and to Vitorgan, and to Bogomolov, heightened public attention is riveted. For example, one of these days there will be a presentation of the new series "Kept Women", shot by Konstantin. It is noteworthy that his wife, actress Daria Moroz, also played in the picture. By the way, soon after rumors about the director's romance with the TV presenter appeared, it became known that he had filed a divorce.

All this time Daria Moroz was delicately silent. However, now she decided to speak out. In particular, the actress confirmed that she had parted with Konstantin Bogomolov long ago. "Kostya and I, like all adequate people, do not like interference in personal life. Therefore, we never advertised, but did not specifically conceal that we had been officially divorced for a long time and had not been together even longer. Without going into details. This is a fact," he quotes. Daria Moroz Telegram channel "Antiglyanets".

The actress mentioned an interesting detail. It turns out that the former spouses communicate every day, because they have a daughter, Anna. In addition, Bogomolov and Moroz work together. Over the past two and a half years, the actress took part in three of his projects and starred in "The Keepers".

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