Where Did The Tutsi Group Disappear?

Where Did The Tutsi Group Disappear?
Where Did The Tutsi Group Disappear?

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In the mid-00s, four graduates of the third Star Factory united in the pop group Tutsi. The girls gained popularity even while participating in the show, but the whole country learned about them after the song "The Most-Most", which became a real hit and for a long time occupied the top lines of all charts.

The members of the collective, as often happens in women's groups, often changed, but most of all the Tutsi fans fell in love with the first line-up: Anastasia Krainova, Lesya Yaroslavskaya, Maria Veber and Irina Ortman.

The group was formed in 2004 and existed for eight years. In 2012 "Tutsi" officially disbanded, but nevertheless none of the participants left their musical activities. Irina Ortman took up a solo career, as did Anastasia Krainova, who became the "first singing DJ" in Russia.

Maria Weber, like her former colleagues, is still performing. For example, not so long ago she presented a new video for the song "Repeat after me" together with Mikhail Shufutinsky.

Lesya Yaroslavskaya took up modeling activity - she mainly participates in commercial projects. In addition, the girl often appears on television shows and continues to give concerts.

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