Stars Who Have Lost Weight Beyond Recognition

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Stars Who Have Lost Weight Beyond Recognition
Stars Who Have Lost Weight Beyond Recognition

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These stars can be great examples of how to deal with excess weight. They pulled themselves together and began to look great, and at the same time lead a healthy lifestyle, maintaining their beauty.

Polina Gagarina

The singer took care of herself and changed dramatically. Moreover, even having given birth to two children, she manages to stay in good shape.

Mikhail Shufutinsky

"King of Chanson" decided to fight overweight after he met his new love. Svetlana Urazova inspired him to play sports and look great.

Polina Grents

After filming in the TV series "Fizruk", Polina lost the extra pounds that she needed for the role.

Maxim Fadeev

The producer promised fans to lose 70 kilograms.


Initially Vitas was thin, but then something went wrong. Now the singer is shedding those extra pounds to look the same as before.

Tatiana Ustinova

The writer said that she lost almost 100 kilograms!

Irina Dubtsova

The singer managed to get rid of the 20 kilograms she hated.

Mikhail Kazakov

Mikhail got all the roles of full characters. Now the actor has changed. His struggle with being overweight was not very active, but he managed to change a lot.

Janet Jackson

Janet gave birth for the first time at 50. Because of this, she gained extra weight, which she later successfully lost.

Jonah Hill

John is great at gaining and losing weight. Fans do not have time to understand what form he is in.

Mariah Carey

During the year, Mariah lost more than 50 kilograms.

Johnny Depp

Depp has made fans freak out about his looks this spring. Johnny doesn't just look thin now, but rather skinny and tired.

Anna Mikhalkova

The actress is just on her way to a perfect figure, but she is already making great strides.

Olga Kartunkova

The 40-year-old artist has lost 84 kilograms and plans to remove stretch marks surgically in the future.

Elena Stepanenko

The artist monitors her appearance and always strives to look slimmer and younger.

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