Male Stars Who Thought About Family And Children

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Male Stars Who Thought About Family And Children
Male Stars Who Thought About Family And Children

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It is believed that dreams of marriage and family are inherent in romantic girls. However, today we will prove the opposite.


For example, Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal recently announced his firm intention to get married and have children.

idor "decided to reflect on the rating of star men who can announce their imminent wedding at any second.

Gerard Butler

Gerard's fate is full of vicissitudes: as a young man, he studied well at school and, at the insistence of his mother, received a law degree, after which he worked for almost 2 years in a law firm.

Depression and lack of fulfillment were the result of hard work! These feelings were so pressing on the young man that he became addicted to alcohol.

But in the end, a solution was found. Once in the world of theater and cinema, Gerard was not only able to realize his talent, he began to revolve in the same circle with dizzying beauties! Jennifer Aniston, Ashley Greene, Cameron Diaz, Naomi Campbell - Butler's lovers are endless.

Despite the dizziness of novels on the set, the chosen ones soon disappointed Gerard - in the life of the beauties, the actresses turned out to be not similar in character to their on-screen heroines. Not surprising! Cinema is cinema, and life is life.


m, which are just around the corner (November 13 Butler turned 48 years old), the actor finally wanted to settle down and is set for a serious relationship.

I would like to find a girl with whom I will be together for many years until my death. But it will happen on its own. When I start planning something, it usually happens the other way around,

- quoted by Butler Woman`s Day.

I would like to wish Gerard that success in his personal life would come to him as well as in his professional activity - albeit late, but indisputably and deafening!

Justin Bieber

Girls, attention! Young, but already very successful singer Justin Bieber is rapidly approaching his 25th birthday (March 1, 2018 he will turn 24). What is remarkable about this date, you ask? We will answer you.

As a 17-year-old teenager and dating Selena Gomez (the couple, by the way, are together again!), Justin already made it clear that he was not going to delay his bachelor life. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey published by Facts, he answered honestly “Yes” when asked if he would marry by the age of 25.

Say, early for this age? But we're talking about Justin Bieber

The singer had a difficult childhood: his mother, Patricia Lynn Mallet, gave birth to a son at the age of 17, and his father soon left the family. The boy was forced to grow up early and began to help his mother, who worked three jobs.

The singer's lucky star also lit up early - 12-year-old Bieber was noticed by agent Scooter Brown, and the boy signed his first contract.

Despite such a young age, early success and fame, numerous clashes with journalists and scandals in the press, Justin remains a good guy who respects family values.


The desire to marry early is simple: from childhood, Justin had an example of an ideal family in front of his eyes - the relationship between grandparents.

They love each other so much after so many years! When I'm their age, I want to be in love with my wife as well,

- said Bieber in the same interview with Oprah Winfrey.

the same, let's hope that soon we will enjoy not only the reunion of Justin and Selena, but also their wedding!

Henry Cavill

Who would have thought that this Briton, a real handsome and talented actor, once dreamed of becoming an Egyptologist! Yes, the sex symbol of our time, Superman and Agent ANCL, Henry Cavill was a chubby teenager with a thick history book under his arm who was teased at school.

By the way, it was this unpleasant fact of his biography that made Henry think about an acting career - going on the stage of the school theater, he ceased to feel the oppression of his classmates.

Luck turned to face him when 18-year-old Cavill was offered a role in the Canadian-Italian thriller Laguna. Egyptology was left behind, ahead of him was Hollywood!

True, not everything went so smoothly - in 2005, Empire magazine jokingly called Henry Cavill "the most unlucky guy in Hollywood." There is some truth in every joke - for several years good roles have been "taken away" from under his nose!

and talent is taking its toll: Henry's career is in full swing, and the actor often appears on the big screens as superheroes and super agents. Cavill himself notes this with some joy.

The things around me are fantastic. I have so many opportunities and I feel like I’m in luck now. And I want to say that the next stage of my life will be the search for the woman I love, and I really want to have children,

- quotes the actor


and Cavill does not like to advertise his personal life, but sooner or later everything secret becomes clear! Since 2016, the actor has been in a relationship with stuntwoman Lucy Cork. Who knows, maybe the coveted ring is already in your pocket and is waiting in the wings?

Peter Fedorov

Alexander Zbruev, Evgeny Fedorov, Pyotr Fedorov Sr. Yes, these famous people are the closest relatives of Pyotr Fedorov, who, however, did not at all strive to go to the stage of theaters or to film sets.

The young man was fond of drawing and was going to enter the art university. But a tragedy struck - his father died, and in memory of him Peter submitted documents to the theater.

So it was not easy for his acting career to start. Now Pyotr Fedorov is the idol of millions of Russian girls who fell in love with the main character of the TV series "Club", playboy Danila.

This is not the only memorable role of the actor, behind him is "Inhabited Island" and "Stalingrad" by Fyodor Bondarchuk, a role in "the first Russian erotic thriller" "Locust" and the disaster film "Icebreaker", tandem with Elizaveta Boyarskaya in "Runaways" …

What are we all about work? Since 2003, the heart of Peter Fedorov has been given to the Russian model Anastasia Ivanova, whose parents, by the way, do not approve of the daughter's union with the actor. Perhaps this was the reason that the couple still has not legalized the relationship officially, although the lovers have been calling each other husband and wife for a long time.


In an interview with Yes magazine, Peter admitted that he has thoughts about marriage:

I think I'll get together soon, have a drink, hit the table with my fist and say: "Come on, dear, let's go down the aisle!"

th, Peter, we are waiting!

Chris Evans

Oddly enough, but a bright Hollywood star, Captain America, Chris Evans is a modest fellow. The kind of macho, ready to go over the heads for his own gain, or the brawny brave superhero is an on-screen image. The real Chris believes in being a good person and not hurting others.

Since childhood, Evans dreamed of an acting career, but never dreamed of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Chris worked tirelessly, took part in auditions, passed auditions and put a piece of himself into each new role, namely, sincerity and openness. This did not go unnoticed by both viewers and film critics.

In addition, the actor is extremely cautious in choosing girls - the paparazzi only suspected Evans a couple of times in connection with partners on the set.

Recall that in 2014, the star was credited with an affair with Sandra Bullock, with whom the actor has only friendship. In 2015, Chris was "in love" with his co-star in the movie "Captain America: Civil War", Elizabeth Olsen, which also turned out to be only rumors.


m interested: Chris Evans is free and ready to get married!

I am ready to get married and have children. For me, children are a prerequisite for marriage. I understand that in old age, on my deathbed, I will not remember how I made this or that film. And some career successes will not interest me. I will think about what kind of relationship I had with people

- quotes the actor

the same, girls, do not get lost, such a man disappears!

Jake Gyllenhaal

At first glance, it seems that this charismatic and charming actor is a darling of fate, who succeeds in everything and always. But this is not the case.

Born into the family of iconic filmmaker Stephen Gyllenhaal (who doesn't know the Twin Peaks series he worked on?) And screenwriter Naomi Foner, Jake couldn't escape cinematography. Even the older sister of the actor Maggie Gyllenhaal is the main character of the movie "Crazy Heart" and an Oscar nominee.

However, Jake went his own way and made his way to the heights of Hollywood on his own. In addition, the stellar parents did not give the boy a descent, and from a young age the actor worked as a dishwasher and lifeguard on the beach.

Jake's first success came after filming the mystical thriller Donnie Darko, which was followed by such successful films as Brokeback Mountain, The Marines and Prince of Persia. And now the whole world knows Jake Gyllenhaal!

th employment reflected in his personal life. Here is what the actor himself said in an interview with 7 Days magazine:

You know, I still haven't married for one single reason: I was too busy. But don't worry, now I will definitely get married, and soon. Because I made a firm promise to my mother, who is already tired of asking me about it.

Despite the touching promise to his mother, the actor is still a bachelor, although he really wants a family, as he admitted in the same interview:

I really want to become a father and head of the family. Children, in my opinion, are the most amazing, the best thing in the world. Children are something worth living for. I really think so. So I won't have to wait long for my wedding.


ten Dunst, Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift were already one step away from the altar. I wonder who will become that "one" for the actor?

Andrey Chadov

Who does not know the brothers Andrey and Alexei Chadov? The actors are known each in their own way: Alexey starred in the cult films "War", "Night Watch" and "9th Company", and Andrey's track record includes the series "Cadets" and "Captain's Children", films "Provocateur" and "Shameless" …

What is noteworthy, despite the external similarity, Andrei and Alexei differ in character and temperament. And, moreover, not only on the set, but also in his personal life.

The younger brother Alexei was married to actress Agnia Ditkovskite for 4 years. Unfortunately, the star couple stopped living together after 2 years of relationship (Alexei hinted that it was a matter of treason), and the actors officially divorced this year.

Nevertheless, the star couple has a 3-year-old son, Fyodor, growing up, Alexei adores his son, cares for him touchingly and regularly uploads joint photos to his Instagram. Despite the divorce, the younger Chadov does not give up hope to start a family again.

Unlike his brother, 37-year-old Andrei was in no hurry at the registry office. At one time, the most beautiful Russian girls were seen next to the actor, among them Alena Shishkova, Yulia Baranovskaya and Svetlana Svetikova. But none of them could win Andrey's heart.



discouraged. When asked by a WomanHit reporter about whether he was going to ever get married, the elder Chadov replied:

Hopefully. Seeking. It's hard to find a lady of the heart in Moscow! Everyone is so different! But I'm definitely ready now. If I meet, I love, then

We bark good luck to the actor in his search, because we are sure: love is somewhere close!

Alexey Vorobyov

Everyone wants to marry him, but he will never marry! But he really wants to. Yes, yes, we are talking about a handsome man, a favorite of girls and just a talented guy - Alexei Vorobyov.

Although music has been in Alexei's life since birth, he initially showed great promise in football and sought to build a sports career. However, the musician did not abandon sports - in 2016 the singer founded the project "Sports to the People". However, life took a different course.

Aleksey Vorobyov's singing career developed rapidly - at the age of 17 he became the winner of the Delphic Games in the Vocal category and won the Secret of Success competition. In addition, the handsome young man simply charmed the audience. Further - numerous tours and participation in Eurovision.

Vorobiev also took place as an actor.On his account the series "Deffchonki" and the films "Runaways", "Treasure of O.K." and “Capercaillie. Come, New Year! " Alexey also regularly appeared in various television shows.


became the famous project "Bachelor", in the final of which the singer did not choose any of the participants! It's a pity, because, according to Alexei in an interview with the TV program, he has long been ripe for a family:

I'm ready to start a family. In the life of every man there comes a moment when he is ready to take on real responsibility - for the person who wakes up next to him, for every word spoken to him, for every promise that must be fulfilled. I am at that age when you realize that you have already achieved something in life. And the realization that the beloved woman is near becomes a real incentive to reach new heights.

the musician already dreams of children, which he mentioned in the same interview:

I want children myself. Not one, not two, I want me to have a whole gang. I am from a large family. I remember how my parents let me go for a walk with my older brother and knew that he would not give me offense. It will be the same in my family.

We can only hope that the actor will not give up trying to find true love, and soon we will rejoice at the news of his engagement!

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