We Have Already Drunk Ours, Ate, Smelled

We Have Already Drunk Ours, Ate, Smelled
We Have Already Drunk Ours, Ate, Smelled

Video: We Have Already Drunk Ours, Ate, Smelled

Video: You are Already Drunk 2022, December

Svetlana Surganova gave a rare interview about her victory over cancer and her relationship with Diana Arbenina.


The glory and love of the audience came to Svetlana Surganova in the 90s, when she, together with Diana Arbenina, created the first girlish rock duet in Russia "Night Snipers".

Two years after the appearance of the "Snipers", Surganova faced a terrible diagnosis of "cancer". The 27-year-old singer experienced clinical death, underwent several operations and a long recovery period.

Today Svetlana does not like to remember her experiences, however, she admits that she tries to take care of herself as much as possible:

“I try not to be sprayed on the negative, this is something that takes a lot of energy. If I feel that I am boiling, I try not to extinguish it in myself, but to somehow rethink, look from the other side”.


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Last year, the singer celebrated her half-century anniversary. In a conversation with the journalists of the Once Upon a Time program, Svetlana noted with a laugh that “exchanging fifty dollars” is not scary:

“It's good with fifty dollars. Somehow I felt better. At 47, 49 you are soaring about the upcoming fifty dollars, and he knocked - and you ufff, exhaled. And it's good, now there is nothing to be afraid of."

"Atypical rock stars", - 50-year-old Svetlana Surganova calls her musical group "Surganova and Orchestra", which was formed in 2003 after she left the "Night Snipers". The singer admits that her group is absolutely unpretentious in the requirements of their rider: milk, baby food, juices, water, fruits - no drugs or alcohol:

“We've probably drank our own, ate, smelled in due time, and now we value the moment, our health,”

- Svetlana said.

On November 4, 2018, Diana Arbenina and "Night Snipers" grandly celebrated the 25th anniversary of the team. Despite the fact that for 15 years the former colleagues practically did not communicate, and there were a lot of rumors about Surganova's departure from the group, Svetlana became almost the most important guest of the big anniversary show at the Moscow Olympic Stadium. For the first time since 2003, the singers took the same stage and performed several songs. “You, please, write, you, please, love and know that I am always somewhere near”, - Svetlana wished Diana from the stage of the “Olympic” to the enthusiastic shouts and applause of the crowded hall.

Photo: Anatoly Lomohov, Ekaterina Tsvetkova, Alexei Rodin, Nadezhda Lebedeva / Globallookpress, Instagram

Video: YouTube

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