Buzova Complained About Her Parents

Buzova Complained About Her Parents
Buzova Complained About Her Parents

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Video: Ольга Бу́зова разозлилась. T-Killah об Ольге Бузовой. 2022, December

Singer, TV presenter Olga Buzova told The Hollywood Reporter that she has been plowing since childhood. According to Buzova, her parents taught her to such a life.

She noted that her parents sent her to school at the age of five.

“I can’t say thank you, they deprived me of my childhood,” said Buzova.

Now, according to the singer, her mother complains that her daughter does everything herself. In response, Buzova recalls that she was used to it as a teenager.

“Mom, who taught me this? Who told me at fourteen: if you want jeans for a hundred bucks - go to work! " - Buzova quoted her mother's answer.

Earlier, in an interview with Harper's Bazaar, Buzova complained that she was “publicly flogged, but never praised” many times. She also said that sometimes she "gets tired like a horse", she has nightmares almost every night due to overexertion and is ready to give everything just to take a walk in the park.

The publication noted that the singer gives at least ten concerts a month, constantly participates in the filming of "House-2", develops her own cryptocurrency, a clothing brand and a restaurant in Moscow.

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