62-year-old Shifrin Showed Physical Fitness

62-year-old Shifrin Showed Physical Fitness
62-year-old Shifrin Showed Physical Fitness

Video: 62-year-old Shifrin Showed Physical Fitness

Video: Fitness Over 60 Years | Evelyn Flaharty Story 2022, December

The famous Soviet and Russian comedian Efim Shifrin is preparing to soon celebrate his 63rd birthday, but many young men can envy his physical form. The artist yesterday published a video of his standard workout in his personal microblog, which clearly shows that, despite the power loads, he is also capable of joking during the training.

Actor, director and comedian Efim Shifrin, among other things, also has an enviable physique. At 62, a convinced bachelor can give odds to many of his younger colleagues.

However, Shifrin was not able to achieve such a result immediately. The pop artist spends many hours in the gym and his longtime fans are well aware that the comedian developed this habit more than twenty years ago. However, even this did not help many to restrain a surprised exclamation when Yefim Zalmanovich not only published another photo of his torso, but showed the very process of training on the simulator. During intense physical exertion, the comedian not only joked with the coach, but also managed to keep his breathing even.

By the way, Shifrin is far from the only artist over 60 who can boast of such excellent physical shape. Musician Oleg Gazmanov is also famous for his passion for sports and the ability to masterfully perform many acrobatic stunts that young guys are not able to master.

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