I Didn't Even Wash My Underwear

I Didn't Even Wash My Underwear
I Didn't Even Wash My Underwear

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Video: No Underwear - Dexta Daps (Official Video) 2022, December

61-year-old host of Let's Get Married! on Channel One, Larisa Guzeeva surprised fans with revelations about her past. The celebrity admitted that in childhood and adolescence, she did not participate at all in household chores and did not help her parents with washing and cleaning. In particular, according to the TV presenter, she did not even wash her underwear until grade 10.

“If you have a slothful daughter growing up in your house, do not think that this is forever. I was disgusting, nothing: neither a helper, nor a hostess. All the relatives were spinning at their temples and said to my mother: “Whom are you raising?”. I have never even washed my underwear until grade 10, they did everything for me,”Guzeeva said in the next episode of the show“To the Dacha”.

In addition, according to the shocking celebrity, for a long time she was not interested in the issues of starting a family and having children, for which Larisa Andreevna was also criticized by relatives. However, according to Guzeeva, she is also waiting for her grandchildren "completely without enthusiasm" and is not ready to devote much time to them.

“I told the children that when the grandchildren came, they would come to me strictly on weekends for an hour, so that everyone was well-fed and diapers clean. Grandchildren are not my story, I don’t understand it. I gave birth to children late, as my mother was very worried,”added the TV presenter.

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