Nadezhda Mikhalkova: "I Was Driving A Carriage And Thought ... What If I Let Her Go Into The Pond?"

Nadezhda Mikhalkova: "I Was Driving A Carriage And Thought ... What If I Let Her Go Into The Pond?"
Nadezhda Mikhalkova: "I Was Driving A Carriage And Thought ... What If I Let Her Go Into The Pond?"

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On September 27, the youngest daughter of Nikita Mikhalkov turned 34 years old. She could have been a major, but she didn't have a sweet life. Why? Answers - in the material

As the daughter of a famous director, Nadezhda Nikitichna has been in the spotlight since childhood. However, despite this, Nadia cannot be called a typical representative of the golden youth. She was not seen in high-profile scandals, she also never had a star fever. Even with her ex-husband - Rezo Gigineishvili - Mikhalkova managed to divorce quietly, peacefully and without mutual claims. But still, in Nadia's life, not everything is so smooth.

Nadya Mikhalkova played her first film role at the age of six in her father's iconic film Burnt by the Sun. The baby behaved so naturally in the frame that she immediately received popular love. Schoolgirl Nadezhda starred in my father's "The Barber of Siberia". The year 2000 brought Mikhalkova a new significant work, and this time it was no longer her father's picture. Director Tigran Keosayan entrusted Nadia with two roles of twin sisters in the film "The President and His Granddaughter". For this work Mikhalkova received an award at the Kinotavrik festival.

Despite skipping classes due to filming, Mikhalkova always studied well. Both at school and in universities. She honed her acting skills in special courses at VGIK, in Italy she studied art history, and received her higher education at MGIMO at the Faculty of Journalism. At the end of the 2000s, Nadia first tried herself as a film producer and fashion designer.

Mikhalkova met her future husband Rezo Gigineishvili in 2005 on the set of the series "9 months", where her older sister was involved. Anna Mikhalkova advertised the young director to Nadia so much that she decided to come to the site and talk to Rezo personally. All this ended in a whirlwind romance and divorce of Gigineishvili with his wife, Anastasia Kochetkova, with whom he raised his two-year-old daughter Maria.

In 2009, Nadia and Rezo got married, and then they got married in Georgia, in the homeland of the groom. At that time, rumors persisted in the press that Nikita Sergeevich did not accept his son-in-law. Nadia only recently finally refuted these speculations.

“He led me by the hand to my house and said that we would live together,” said Mikhalkova. - I was terribly nervous. Everyone wrote nonsense that I had taken Rezo out of the family, that no one from my family accepted him. Everything was fine. Rezo and dad talked in private. And that's all."

In 2011, Nadezhda gave birth to a daughter, Nina. But instead of the joy of motherhood, Mikhalkova then experienced severe depression.

“I started it even before giving birth,” the actress admitted. - When I got a big belly and I stopped getting into dresses. Then the film Burnt by the Sun 2 came out, and I realized that this was the last premiere I would attend in the next few years. I thought that I was going to give birth to a child now - that's all! The end! I will stay at home, and thin actresses, younger than me, will walk around.

And then, when they brought Nina to me, I was glad, but my tooth fell off I sat down and thought that everything, I will no longer be, I will just turn into a mother without a manicure, with an unpainted head, in jeans and a T-shirt, which only looks after after the child Then it became even worse, because it was necessary to feed the child endlessly, it was impossible to go anywhere. I specially expressed milk in order to go somewhere, invented cases. The bar fell at that moment. Plus an infinite sense of guilt: where are your maternal instincts? I thought I was going to burst from hormones and everything else. When I was in Moscow, I drove a carriage around the ponds and thought … But what if I let her go there? And I didn't want that, it was just a thought for a split second. Then I thought: "Damn, these are abnormal thoughts!"

Nadya was then helped to cope with depression, with whom she had a special bond since childhood.

“I called Anya and said that something was wrong with me,” Mikhalkova shared. - She told me that it is depression, it happens. And she added that I am not obliged to love the child while he is not smiling at me yet, wants something all the time, changed your life, you have extra pounds from him, one big discomfort for now. It will pass."

In 2013, Nadezhda and Rezo had a son, Ivan. And in 2017, the couple divorced. There were rumors that the reason for the breakup was Gigineishvili's romance with the socialite Nadezhda Obolentseva, whom the director later married (but this year Rezo divorced again and has already managed to get out with a new girl. - Approx.

Nadezhda Mikhalkova released Rezo to a new life and now does not hold any grudge against him.

“This is my know-how! It seems to me that I will write a book "How to get divorced", - said Nadia. - I set a goal for myself that no matter what happens next, the children have a dad, and I will do everything in my power for the children to love and respect him. And then everything will depend on him. I did everything possible with my principles, ambitions, thoughts, complexes. I rolled it into a large ball, tossed it and, gritting my teeth, gained patience. It's never easy, no matter how people get divorced. Today, the most important thing is that children have both a mom and a dad. They are psychologically healthy children. That was my goal."

After the divorce, Nadia has not yet been seen in a new relationship. But this is only a matter of time. Mikhalkova is young, beautiful, talented, smart and will undoubtedly meet new love. If you haven't already. Perhaps, except for the closest people, no one knows about her long-awaited happiness yet?..

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