The Wife Of The Victim Efremov Met With His Mistress

The Wife Of The Victim Efremov Met With His Mistress
The Wife Of The Victim Efremov Met With His Mistress

After the abolition of self-isolation in Moscow, the main topic was the terrible accident in which Mikhail Efremov fell. The drunk actor got behind the wheel and drove into the oncoming lane. As a result of the accident, the driver of the white van Sergey Zakharov died. A criminal case was opened on the fact of manslaughter. Until the completion of the investigation, the artist was chosen as a preventive measure in the form of house arrest.

A medical examination revealed that Efremov's blood contained not only alcohol, but also prohibited substances. Many friends are wondering who was with the actor on the fateful day? At first, eyewitnesses claimed that they saw a man with him in the car, but there was no evidence of this. Meanwhile, the relatives of the deceased Sergei refused to accept words of condolence and financial help from the artist. On June 11, they buried their relative in a village in the Ryazan region.

Farewell footage was shown on the air of the "Live" program. The driver's elderly mother was told about his death only on the day of the funeral. And the widow of the deceased on the same day also said goodbye to her mother, who died of cancer. A neighbor, Zakharova, came to the broadcast studio. She told how he helped everyone. It also turned out that he had a mistress, who on television introduced herself as the wife of the deceased. The real wife of Zakharov, meanwhile, was at home and did not give interviews.

“Margarita is the only wife. Someone else clung to a woman whom I first saw on TV. Muscovite! Well, he had a woman. Excuse me, what man doesn't have a mistress? Moreover, he lived in Moscow for a week, and came home on weekends,”said neighbor Lyudmila Arefieva.

The same Irina Sterkhova appeared in the studio. She was at Sergei's funeral, but did not approach the coffin.


Frame from the program "Live"

Sergei Zakharov's wife Margarita (left) and beloved Irina (right)

Then the woman first saw the wife of her faithful.

“We have lived for 22 years. We had a rather difficult situation. Sergei had a small child and an adult son. Sergei did not earn much, he is not a businessman, so if I give birth to a child, we would not have pulled it all. My daughter has already studied at the institute for a fee,”the woman said.

She noted that they lived in perfect harmony. She was offended as a woman that Zakharov did not call her to marry.

The TV presenter asked if she knew Zakharov's wife.

“I saw her for the first time at the funeral yesterday. I saw the photographs, but I saw them live, like my youngest son,”admitted Irina.

As it turned out, she is friends with Sergei's first wife Tatyana. When a new woman appeared in the driver's life, he established a relationship with his eldest son, for which the ex-wife was grateful to his mistress.

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