Vodonaeva: "Mockery Of Both Efremov And Us"

Vodonaeva: "Mockery Of Both Efremov And Us"
Vodonaeva: "Mockery Of Both Efremov And Us"

Video: Vodonaeva: "Mockery Of Both Efremov And Us"

Video: "Быдло будет рожать ради бутылки водки": Алена Водонаева недовольна материнским капиталом - Россия… 2022, December

For several days, the trial in the criminal case of the Honored Artist Mikhail Efremov, accused of drunken traffic violations, which resulted in the death of a person, has been ongoing. Recall that the artist did not admit his guilt in the accident, which he committed on June 8, and as a result of which 57-year-old Sergei Zakharov died.

TV presenter, blogger, ex-star of "House-2" Alena Vodonaeva spoke about what was happening. Instadiva said she was shocked by what was happening. In her opinion, the process more and more reminds her of a circus.

“The defense side decided to deny everything and say that Efremov does not remember anything. Why did they decide not to plead guilty when the testimony of the witnesses proved otherwise? Some kind of mockery of both Efremov and us"

- noticed the star of Instagram.

At the same time, Vodonaeva noted that she was humanly sorry for 56-year-old Efremov. But the fact that he must be punished and realize the full responsibility for drunk driving is indisputable. Otherwise, how can citizens feel safe moving around the city?

"I am stupidly scared that some Efremov will be in front of me in the opposite lane,"

- writes Vodonaeva.

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