Social Networks Rejoiced At The Verdict Of Efremov

Social Networks Rejoiced At The Verdict Of Efremov
Social Networks Rejoiced At The Verdict Of Efremov

Video: Social Networks Rejoiced At The Verdict Of Efremov

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Users of social networks reacted to the sentence to the actor Mikhail Efremov for a fatal traffic accident in the center of Moscow: the artist was sentenced to eight years in prison in a general regime penal colony.

Many, commenting on the court's decision, were glad that the court did not commute the sentence, arguing that the punishment would serve as a lesson to the rest of the people who drive while intoxicated.

“At least the“stars”will drive less drunks now. Unfortunately, this is not enough for officials and top managers to think about it,”OlegCorso lamented on Twitter.

Users also noticed that if the actor reacted differently to the proceedings in court, then the term of imprisonment could be shorter.

"He threw himself an extra three years with his insane behavior," wrote SolotinaTaty.

According to Mynamemac, Efremov took on a strange lawyer, and personally "was carrying some utter nonsense."

There were also those who considered the sentence too harsh. So, the user lidaglushko1 wrote that this is the wrong decision.

"There are a lot of accidents with a fatal end and drunk - no one has such sentences!" - she was indignant.

A user with the nickname tanos17252914 called the court's decision a "disgrace". He believes that in this way "the great actor was put in a cage, as if some kind of cattle."

Some users felt that Efremov would not spend the entire term in the colony, but would be released earlier on parole. According to asocialbutkind, the case will be reviewed “when the noise subsides,” and the artist will be released earlier for exemplary behavior.

The fatal traffic accident occurred on the evening of June 8 on the Garden Ring in the center of Moscow. Efremov, being in a state of alcoholic intoxication driving his car, drove into the oncoming lane and collided with a van. The truck driver, Sergei Zakharov, died on the morning of June 9 from injuries sustained at the time of the collision.

During the announcement of the verdict on the morning of September 8 in the Presnensky Court of Moscow, Efremov was found guilty under paragraph "a" of part 4 of article 264 ("Violation of the traffic rules by a person driving a car, committed in a state of intoxication, resulting in the death of a person by negligence") of the Criminal Code Russia.

The minimum punishment under this article is 5 years, and the maximum - 12. During the investigation, the artist was under house arrest. At the last court session, Efremov pleaded guilty to the fatal accident.

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