Golubkina: "Andryusha Saved Me From The Monastery!"

Golubkina: "Andryusha Saved Me From The Monastery!"
Golubkina: "Andryusha Saved Me From The Monastery!"

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On March 9, actress Larisa Golubkina celebrated her anniversary: ​​she turned 80 years old. Despite numerous congratulations from her family, relatives and fans, the artist admitted that she really misses her husband Andrei Mironov.

On the eve of the anniversary, actress Larisa Golubkina gave a frank interview in which she remembered the main man in her life - Andrei Mironov.

The artist said that she had no idea that she would ever get married, because her father set her up against men. Larisa did not need love and her wife, but after parting with the screenwriter Nikolai Shcherbinsky-Arsenyev, from whom she gave birth to her daughter Maria, in 1973 she was depressed and even wanted to finish acting in films.

“I didn't want to get married at all. I even had a strange period. One woman was on a train with me once and suddenly said: "Drop everything and go to the monastery!" And I was ready. While I was thinking about the monastery, Mironov appeared in front of me from somewhere and asked how I was. After some time, he came to me, and our life began!"

- Larisa Ivanovna recalls with gratitude.

According to her, women usually sought the attention of Andrei Mironov, because he was the main handsome man of Soviet cinema. But she was unapproachable, so the actor had to take care of his beloved for a long time. The charming artist was able to please even the strict father of Larisa Golubkina. However, for almost two years she thought about the marriage proposal, and answered with consent only in 1977.

Larisa Ivanovna remembered that Andrei Mironov loved guests, fun, appreciated the comfort and order of the house. And when he was diagnosed with an aneurysm requiring urgent surgery, he was very worried that after his death, his wife would be left alone. And so it happened: after the death of Andrei Mironov, Larisa Ivanovna decided not to build relationships with anyone. She devoted herself to work and caring for loved ones, but admits that even 32 years later she misses her beloved husband.

“When he fell ill, he was diagnosed with an aneurysm, they immediately underwent surgery. And there was a rumor that he died, but he simply could not get out of anesthesia for a long time. And on the eve of his death, he came up and said: "How sorry I will be for you when I am gone." At the age of 47, I was left alone, but it never crossed my mind that I needed to get married again, to seduce someone. I am such a person!"

- said the actress.

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