Maria Kozhevnikova Showed Her Husband

Maria Kozhevnikova Showed Her Husband
Maria Kozhevnikova Showed Her Husband

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On Valentine's Day, Maria Kozhevnikova delighted fans by publishing a photo with her husband, businessman Yevgeny Vasiliev. This is a rare snapshot: as a rule, an actress and a State Duma deputy does not share this kind of footage. And the point is not even that she protects the secret of her personal life: just her husband, in her words, "rejects any kind of publicity."

Maria made a touching signature to her post:

… I know that you will read these lines and a smile will appear on your face. Firstly, because I am naughty with you, well, just because I love you! I love with all my heart, body and soul! Thank you for meeting you, for the first time I felt what a stone wall and a strong man's shoulder are, thank you for our children, for your patience and condescension. For kindness and humor, for….because, honestly, I wanted to be shorter, but apparently I can't! When I think about you, there are many feelings, thoughts and gratitude for the fact that you are always there! You are the best!

The photo, where Maria and Eugene are posing, embracing, at a certain event, has already collected many kind comments: “How I want to have a man to whom I can say the same words! Masha, I am sincerely glad for you!”,“How happy I am when I see happy harmonious couples”,“The eldest son is like you, Maria, and the little one is like a spouse. A wonderful couple, peace and goodness to you!"

Recall that Maria and Eugene got married in 2013. They have three sons: 4-year-old Ivan, 3-year-old Maxim and a seven-month-old baby, whose name has not yet been announced.

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