Anna Pletneva: "I Am A Witch, I Never Hid It"

Anna Pletneva: "I Am A Witch, I Never Hid It"
Anna Pletneva: "I Am A Witch, I Never Hid It"

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The singer told about her "children" on Instagram, a duet with Vlad Topalov and a split personality


- Anna, now any interview begins with a question about quarantine. How did he influence your plans? How do you feel about the current situation? Don't you panic?

- The coronavirus has changed the entire planet! And, of course, my life today is radically different from the one to which I am used to. All concerts, tours, filming were canceled in just one week. In April, I had planned a two-week trip to warm countries, which also did not take place. But Alexei Romanov and I finished work on the new album "Forever", which was released on April 14th. The disc hit the first places on all music platforms in the country and entered the European iTunes chart! The album, which we have been preparing for over a year, turned out to be very relevant and close to the listeners in terms of its content and mood right now. We were also able to shoot a video with Vlad Topalov and bring a positive attitude to the world so that everyone could smile and cheer up.

As for panic, I can share one life hack on how to get rid of the waves of depression and melancholy. If you feel that your mood is spoiling, give yourself time. Just define it clearly. For example, I am sad for 15 minutes. You can even set an alarm. And surrender to this feeling, sit, be sad and even cry, if you want. But, as soon as the alarm rings, you must immediately switch to some business. Wash the floor for the third time in a day or do gymnastics. The main thing is to give yourself a clear statement in advance that the time for longing is over and you are doing business.

- Anna, the image of a "bad girl" is firmly entrenched on the stage for you. And in life?

- Anna Pletneva on stage and in life are two different people, and I have a document confirming this. In everyday life, I cook borscht at home, all white and fluffy. But as soon as I draw arrows in front of my eyes, take a whip in my hands, I become a different person.

- It has been 10 years since the song about the "bad girl" appeared. During this time, did you have a desire to change your role? Perhaps you have rethought yourself now and want to position yourself differently?

- I have always felt absolutely organically in the image you are talking about. The desire to come off and do only what you want was defining in our work. Unfortunately, people often judge superficially. I doubt that "Bad Girl" would have been popular all these years, only thanks to a beautiful priest, there are certainly other components that catch the audience. Vintage is not just a picture. For the fans of the group, who listen to and know all the songs and albums, this is a whole story, a religion associated with music and energy, which Alexey Romanov and I have invested and continue to invest in this project.


Several years ago I tried to change something, to become an "adult singer", to go on stage and stand beautifully in a dress on the floor. But nothing happened, as soon as I heard the first sounds, took a whip in my hands, I immediately forgot about these plans. After all, it's much more natural for me to jump into the hall into the arms of my fans and enjoy it!

- Studying your "Instagram", you immediately come across a very unexpected appeal to the fans - "my children." Why do you call them that way?

- Because I really consider them my children, I am responsible for each of them. I have a very gentle and trusting relationship with my fans. Often they ask me questions about how to act in some difficult situation, sometimes they complain or, conversely, boast of their victories. This is insanely nice. And I am often referred to as "mommy", "mommy". I like.

- You have very beautiful photos, but in many of them you pose in provocative outfits.How does the husband react to them? Do your children follow you?

- They are wonderful, they react very well. I think this is all very beautiful. Plus, my children study at an American school, watch clips of foreign performers - for example, they love Riana. There, the outfits are much more revealing. They are very advanced in this matter.

Fortunately, they understand that the stage image and the mother in life are two different people. They understand what modern show business is, what modern clips of fashionable singers they adore are. And they also know the main thing: mom is doing what she loves. When I come after a concert with a bunch of flowers, my eyes are burning, the children are catching this wave, they like these moments. I'm on the rise, we can start fooling around together, dancing. And it is very important that your loved ones see you happy. It is important for the relationship between a man and a woman, and for relationships with children.

- Now your children are already quite adults, how do you cope with both the role of a singer and the role of a mother of many children at once? Do you have any secrets of parenting teenagers? How do you react if they also want to take up artistic activities?

- I was very lucky in life, my parents gave me complete freedom of choice. Looking back at my childhood, it seems to me that my parents did not raise me at all, but allowed me to develop in a natural way. Even for misdemeanors, which now seem very serious to me, I was never scolded or punished. But for my children I am still a teacher. Even if I wanted to give them the freedom that I used myself, nothing would have happened: there are three of them after all. I cannot allow them to do whatever they want, because colossal chaos will begin at our house. But I can say for sure that I will never put pressure on children, dictate what to do. Whichever path they choose, I will support and help them.

- You look great, are there any secrets that help you maintain slimness and youth? Maybe some favorite procedures, masks or types of physical activity?

- I'm a witch! I never hid it, I honestly tell everyone that I drink the blood of young boys, I always have a glass in the fridge prepared in the evening, it should be brewed. (Laughs.) And I constantly perform some kind of rituals, for example, I drink the morning dew. But seriously, I'm not perfect at all. The secret is love. Moreover, in all senses of the word, in its broadest directions: love for oneself, first of all, love for the work I do, love for everyone around me and the desire to be the best, most beautiful and sexiest for everyone.

And I also really love to play table tennis, I can do it for hours if there is a worthy opponent. Remember, Fandorin never lost in gambling with Akunin? And I never lose at table tennis. I started training early, at the age of eight. In general, table tennis is an extremely energetic sport that gives a serious load. If you play for real, you have to jump around the table well.

- You also have gorgeous hair. How do you care for them?

“I don’t know how my hair can stand all my“bullying”of it. To put them in order, I periodically make masks. They bring me a mask from Japan, which is called "Happiness for the hair." My mane is immediately filled with life again. And as a child, I made a mask according to my mother's recipe: from a raw egg, lemon and brandy. I remember how unpleasant it was when it flowed down the neck and face. It's good that now there are really good professional remedies.

- Not so long ago there were rumors on the Web that you almost have a split personality. Does this all have anything to do with reality?

- I confess that after a concert I often don't even remember what I did on stage, what happened there. There were cases when the guards came up to me and said: “Anya, please don't do this anymore.When you jump into a crowd, we cannot guarantee your safety! " Therefore, one day I still went to the doctor, and they gave me a certificate that I had a split personality. Therefore, I do not bear any responsibility for everything that I do on stage.


- You manage to combine an artistic career and a happy family life - and this is a rarity. Is there any secret or useful advice for those who still have to sacrifice something?

- As soon as a woman begins to prioritize, which is more important for her, she will have a lot of complexes, and this will not be beneficial either at work or at home. My secret is that I do everything that I love, that I really like it. I do what I love, give concerts, shoot videos, write songs and work in the studio, while paying attention to my family no less than my non-working friends. If you do what is important to you, there will be enough time for everything!

- If you had to choose another profession, what would you choose?

- I have been on stage since I was 3 years old. I received my first salary in the form of toy dishes and a bag of gum. Since the age of 7 I have been going on tour. Therefore, I do not even imagine myself in this life as someone else. I have two educations, I am a sculptor and a vocal teacher. Yes, yes, I'm a teacher. But I can still say for sure that my musical career has always been and remains in the first place. Many times I was offered to go into the restaurant business, to create collections of clothes with different designers. I always refuse, because I have a favorite thing that I do not want to change for anything.

- You and Vlad Topalov took part in the "Mask" show together. There are many videos on the Internet of you hugging and fooling around on stage. Have you become close friends?

- For me, Vlad was a huge discovery. I discovered a cool singer with an incredible voice! It seems to me that now he will definitely start some incredible turn in his career, because he sings very cool.

- Recently a video for your duet was released. How was the shooting going? Will there be more duets with the show participants?

- Due to the quarantine, the shooting took place in appropriate conditions. Everyone was wearing masks, and no one approached each other. I had to give up absolutely all the amenities that are always there on the set. There was no usual make-up car, catering. Literally everything was done “on the knee”. Gosha Kutsenko, who at first doubted because of the quarantine, whether he would be able to take part in the video when he found out that I was wearing a parrot mask, immediately agreed. He said that he watched all the episodes and the parrot was his favorite character. He also came to the shooting wearing a mask with the words “Gosha Kutsenko” on the side, and literally from the first take he played a traffic police officer.

Listeners are waiting for a duet with Philip Kirkorov for the song "Marina". But I think that we can only record the hit "38 parrots" about the tall growth of Philip Bedrosovich.

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