Western Stars Who Speak Russian

Western Stars Who Speak Russian
Western Stars Who Speak Russian

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It is believed that the Russian language is difficult for foreigners. But some Hollywood stars understand Russian, there are even celebrities who speak Russian.

1. Mila Kunis, American actress and model. Mila's parents are from Ukraine, in 1991, when their daughter was seven years old, they moved to the United States. Now Mila speaks Russian with an accent and prefers English.

2. Sergey Brin, American businessman and co-founder of Google. Sergei was born in Moscow, but in 199, when he was five years old, the family emigrated to America.

3. Milla Jovovich, American actress and model. Milla's mother is Soviet actress Galina Loginova. Having married a doctor from Yugoslavia, Bogic Jovovia, she left for the United States in 1980. The daughter was 5 years old. Milla speaks Russian well and often takes part in Russian TV shows.

4. Natalia Oreiro, Uruguayan actress and singer. In Russia, Natalia became incredibly popular after the show of the series "Wild Angel", she was often invited to our country, here the girl learned Russian.

5. Kate Beckinsale, British actress. The girl studied at Oxford, where she learned several languages, including Russian.

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