Stars Threatened By Fans

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Stars Threatened By Fans
Stars Threatened By Fans

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If someone thinks that fame and popularity are only world tours, designer outfits, red carpets and crowds of fans, then they are deeply mistaken.

Yes, all this is there - flowers, adoration, declarations of love and compliments, but there are enough haters, as well as admirers, among the stars, and not all of these people, like the fans themselves, are adequate. You can expect anything from them: someone will not go further than insults on social networks and threatening phone calls, and someone is so obsessed with a persecution mania that they are even ready to kill their idol.

Most of all, of course, goes to world celebrities. For too odious statements, they threaten journalists and TV presenters, persecute famous actors and pop performers, almost all Hollywood stars have to acquire security in order to protect themselves from too obsessive fans who are trying to invade their privacy.

But Russian celebrities also have to face threats from overly intrusive admirers. And it's not always just a desire to scare a star.

The case of the "Hunter for Pugacheva"

This is perhaps the most famous story of Alla Pugacheva, who miraculously managed to avoid meeting with a real maniac killer. She herself gave him the home address and practically bumped into him in the elevator.

Anatoly Nagiyev was obsessed with an insanely popular singer. He saw her for the first time when he was serving time in a colony for rape. The former convict bit by bit collected information about the star and persistently sought a meeting: he came to Moscow several times, found out his circle of acquaintances and habits, and attended performances. At that time, Alla Borisovna did not have a guard that could protect her from obsessive admirers. “This story happened in the 70s, and only 30 years later the circumstances of the criminal case of the“hunter for Pugacheva”became public. Nagiyev got hold of solid clothes, bought beautiful flowers and entered the singer's dressing room, where he introduced himself as a serious person. He expressed admiration, fell asleep with compliments, she agreed to a meeting, handed over her business card, where her home address was indicated, "said former police officer Nikolai Efimchenko.

According to the investigation, Anatoly came to the singer's house and waited for the Prima Donna for a long time. She appeared very late, and Nagiyev followed her into the entrance. Alla Borisovna entered the elevator, and the concierge called the maniac. Seeing the murderer's face distorted with hatred, the watchman almost died of fear, but frightened him, and he ran out of the entrance.

The maniac decided to wait for an opportunity, but for now he went to Kursk. On the train, he raped and killed two conductors and two passengers, and threw the bodies out the window. “He later told the operas that he saw Alla in every victim. He was arguably the fastest serial killer in Russian criminal history. A kind of express-Chikatilo ", - recalled one of the detectives who worked on the" case of Nagiyev ", Amir Sabitov. Maniac decided to hide for a while, he hid until the last and believed that he could get to the Prima Donna. He was detained thanks to the ring of the murdered woman, which he tried to hand over to a pawnshop. In the notebook, the operatives also found the address of Alla Borisovna. In the early 1980s, the "hunter for Pugacheva" was sentenced to death.

Conditional terms for fans

The court also sentenced the ardent fan of Sofia Rotaru, who terrorized the people's favorite for about four years, to a prison term. A saleswoman from Tula constantly went to concerts of an idol in all nearby towns and villages, and each time she persistently rushed to her dressing room, took autographs, took pictures. After the director Rotaru once again did not let the maddened fan go to the singer, the woman decided to take revenge.She called Rotaru, threatened with reprisals, and once even disrupted a flight on tour, telling the airport security by phone that the artist's plane was mined. Sofia Mikhailovna was tired of threats and turned to the police. And the court sentenced the overly aggressive admirer of the "farm woman" to three and a half years of probation.


Vlad Topalov also had to turn to law enforcement agencies in order to pacify excessively violent female fans. The girls ran onto the stage during the concert with gifts, but as soon as they were next to the idol, they immediately began to cut off pieces of his shirt and strands of hair. The singer's security took the girls to the nearest police station, and the court gave them a suspended sentence of one year in prison.

Sulfuric acid for an idol

Sulfuric acid is called the weapon of an offended lover, but sometimes it is also used by crazy fans who want to "destroy" the object of their adoration. The popular actor Alexander Abdulov almost suffered from such an obsession. “Once I left the theater and met the eyes of a girl who was standing on the street and was clearly waiting for me. But she didn't look very much like a simple fan. And she hid her hand somehow strangely behind her back. Intuitively, I jumped behind my own car. For a split second ahead of her movement: she took out a glass of hydrochloric acid and shouting "Do not get anyone!" splashed it in the place where I was standing,”he said in an interview.


Still from the movie "The Barber of Siberia"

The actor Oleg Menshikov also managed to miraculously dodge the deadly "gift". He was leaving his apartment, and a fan with a bottle of acid was waiting for him in the stairwell. Since then, the artist has been driving a jeep with a driver-guard and practically does not communicate with fans.

Fans of Kirill Andreev, the soloist of the Ivanushki International group, threatened to pour acid on his pregnant wife. Many times they promised to spoil the faces of the soloists of the group "Na-Na", but it is good that it never came to fruition. But at the producer Bari Alibasov, a distraught fan once tried to throw herself with a knife.

From love confessions to threats

Although unbalanced personalities quickly move from declarations of love and compliments to promises to kill their idols, fortunately, most of the zeal of fans ends with threats on social networks and promises of violence over the phone. Extremely unpleasant, but not so dangerous. And yet the stars are forced to acquire bodyguards.


Zhanna Friske had her own personal pursuer. At first, he showered the singer with love letters, sent flowers and gifts. And all would be fine, but a mysterious admirer scared the singer by leaving her notes in the dressing room and even in a carefully guarded apartment. The distraught fan wanted to protect TV presenter Ksenia Borodina from marriage. He threatened Xenia with reprisals if she did not leave her fiance for him. Xenia's future husband hired guards.


Singer Gluk'oZa was subjected to an Internet attack by a sexual maniac, who kept even the fans of the star in awe. He threatened everyone who tried to protect Natalia from the stream of insults and threats. The persecutor wrote to the artist hundreds of messages a day, cursing her and confessing his love.

The crazy fans pestered the singers Alsou and Lolita Milyavskaya with calls of frankly intimate content. But Lolita, unlike Alsou, did not endure for long, the artist did not send the impudent dozen to hell, and he did not call again. The telephone malefactor also pursued Joseph Prigogine, she threatened his wife Valeria with physical violence. As the producer said, the crazy woman sent him hundreds of messages demanding to leave Valeria and take her as "the best singer." The artist's wife had to turn to the police for help.

But there are also funny adventures, and fans show love for their idols more than outside the box.So, at one of Olga Buzova's concerts, a man appeared on the stage, dressed only in sneakers and sunglasses. It turned out that the young man only wanted to give a bouquet, having chosen such a non-trivial way. But now the star remembered him for a long time!

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