Monica Bellucci Broke Up With A Young Boyfriend

Monica Bellucci Broke Up With A Young Boyfriend
Monica Bellucci Broke Up With A Young Boyfriend

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Video: Did Vincent Cassel REALLY Leave Monica Bellucci For a Young Model? | The Celebritist 2022, November

While the fans of the actress hoped for a quick wedding, the love in their pair gradually faded away.

When it became known about Monica Bellucci's romance with the artist Nicolas Lefebvre, the fans of the actress were sincerely delighted. Against the background of a difficult relationship with her ex-husband Vincent Cassel and his constant betrayal, the imposing and young artist seemed to be a reliable shoulder for Monica.

Paired with him, the actress literally blossomed and rejuvenated. At the same time, the difference in their age was decent: Monica was 54 years old, and her lover was 36 years old. Interestingly, they looked almost the same age and resembled happy lovers.

A couple of weeks ago, Bellucci and Lefebvre were strolling around Paris, enjoying views of one of the most romantic cities in the world. But just the other day Monica made an unexpected confession. The artist told reporters that she and the art dealer are no longer a couple.

The woman explained that Nicolas is an amazing person for her. He managed to teach her a lot, including a special perception of the world. Unfortunately, it turned out that the romantic note was gone from their relationship. After that, they, as civilized people, preferred to remain good friends. Monica did not talk more about the reasons for the breakup. She also kept silent when asked if she had a new boyfriend in mind.

Journalists, meanwhile, suggested that Lefebvre was simply tired of Bellucci. Recently, an interesting trend has emerged in the West: aged actresses have romances with men much younger than themselves and soon abandon them, without transferring the relationship into a serious channel.

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