Natasha Koroleva Was Suspected Of Pregnancy

Natasha Koroleva Was Suspected Of Pregnancy
Natasha Koroleva Was Suspected Of Pregnancy

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The reason was a tender photo with Tarzan.

The 44-year-old singer shared another picture with her beloved spouse on social networks. On it, Sergei Glushko gently hugs the Queen around the waist, and the couple literally glows with happiness. Well, and the angle is chosen such that it seems - Natalia has slightly recovered.

All this allowed the fans to immediately suspect that an addition was planned in the stellar family. In the comments, Korolev was immediately asked if she was expecting a child, and some had already rushed to congratulate their idols.

Recall that fans have been dreaming for several years in a row that Tarzan and the Queen will have a baby, or rather a baby. And Natalya herself has repeatedly admitted in an interview that she would very much like to give her husband a second child, and her son, who looks like her younger brother - a brother or sister, but so far she has not succeeded.

But fans do not lose hope that the star will soon please them with great news. Moreover, more and more celebrities decide to get pregnant, not at a young age.

For example, Monica Bellucci gave birth to her youngest daughter Leonie at 45. Halle Berry became pregnant at 46. Actress Laura Linney first became a mother at 49 years old. Holly Hunter, Oscar winner for Best Actress in Piano, gave birth to twins when she turned 47. And Helen Morris gave her daughter Martin Scorsese when she already celebrated her 52nd birthday.

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