The Main Ladies' Men Of Hollywood

The Main Ladies' Men Of Hollywood
The Main Ladies' Men Of Hollywood

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One of the simplest ways to become famous for any man, be it an ordinary clerk or a Hollywood star, is through numerous novels, preferably with famous women. These handsome men are constantly intriguing, therefore they have earned the fame of incorrigible ladies' men.

1. Orlando Bloom. On account of the 41-year-old Orlando, a dozen and a half novels with actresses and singers. In 2010, everyone decided that Bloom had stopped, because then he married the model Miranda Kerr, who soon gave birth to his son. However, this did not stop Orladno: he divorced his beautiful wife and again threw himself into the abyss of love twists and turns.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio. One of the brightest and most gifted actors of our time managed to remain a bachelor until the age of 44. But he does not lead a monastic lifestyle: Leonardo's company is glad to be joined by the most beautiful women on the planet. Photo models and actresses visited him, and now he is having an affair with another beauty who is two decades younger than him.

3. Jude Law. Judah can be called a modern Casanova without hesitation. The 45-year-old actor loves to start a relationship, but apparently has the same affection for breakups. He was married only once, and in this marriage there were three children. He made two more heirs with his mistresses. However, Lowe has such a seductive appearance that to this day is a tidbit for women.

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