Jennifer Lopez Is Learning Pole Dancing

Jennifer Lopez Is Learning Pole Dancing
Jennifer Lopez Is Learning Pole Dancing

Video: Jennifer Lopez Is Learning Pole Dancing

Video: How To Master Jennifer Lopez’s Pole Dance Moves From ‘Hustlers’ | #MTVFreshOut 2022, December

Jennifer Lopez is known not only as a singer. She repeatedly starred in films and TV series, including starring. Not so long ago, a 49-year-old woman received an offer to play a stripper in a new full-length tape. Lopez agreed and is now actively preparing for filming.

To do this, in addition to the already familiar gym, she will have to master the art of pole dance. Jennifer exercises under the supervision of a professional trainer. As it should be, during training, she is wearing a minimum of clothes, and on her feet - sandals with high heels.

43-year-old fiancé Alex Rodriguez is present at the trainings of his beloved. He takes pictures of it with his phone camera, admires the results and publishes videos on the social network.

Jennifer got so carried away that she bought a folding pole for the house. In her free time, the artist hones the skills demonstrated by the coach.

After the singer took up a new art form for her, she said that she began to respect the profession of a stripper. According to her, it turned out to be very difficult to dance on the pole. Due to the stress, her entire body is covered with bruises.

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