The Most Disgusting Habits Of The Stars

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The Most Disgusting Habits Of The Stars
The Most Disgusting Habits Of The Stars

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Surely, most of you once sinned by gnawing your nails or squishing tea at the table. But all this is not so scary compared to the strange quirks of some stars. Therefore, do not rush to think of celebrities on the screen as ideals without flaws. Now we will show all the skeletons, or rather, the habits that the stars keep in their closets.

Jessica Simpson

Prepare to be amazed: the alluring blonde with a crisp white smile brushes her teeth only three times a week. Yes, the wife of the actress, who has to kiss her, was not at all lucky. But Jessica herself explains the presence of her bad habit by the fact that she does not like how her cleaned teeth "slip". So Simpson wipes his 32 with a T-shirt the rest of the day. But if the actress allows her children to do the same, then the family saves a lot on toothpaste.

Cameron Diaz

An actress can shock fans not only with her habit, but also with her smell. It turns out that Cameron practically does not use deodorant. Friends and colleagues of the star often complain about the unpleasant scent emanating from Diaz.


However, it is quite possible that the actress gave up the deodorant so that obsessive fans would not pester her and bypassed the crowd of suitors.

Orlando Bloom

Another hygiene hater, Orlando Bloom, has a disgusting habit. The actor does not really bother with washing things and goes for months in the same dirty clothes. But these are still flowers: Orlando's colleagues also say that he bathes only a few times a week and allows the dog to sleep in the same bed with him. Now it is not surprising that the actor's wife Miranda Kerr fled from him (well, or from his smell) without looking back.

Brad Pitt

The ex-husband of Angelina Jolie also does not always behave like a true gentleman. The Hollywood sex symbol knows how to turn off even the most ardent female fans. To do this, the actor just picks his nose and ears. Moreover, Brad does it all the time, because he cannot get rid of a terrible habit in any way.

Avril lavigne

The wayward singer, unlike our previous heroes, monitors hygiene, but she definitely does not know how to behave in society. Avril loves to spit and does it whenever possible. Especially often the paparazzi, whom the star simply hates, fall under the "shelling".

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