Willpower: Celebrities Who Kept Their Virginity Before The Wedding

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Willpower: Celebrities Who Kept Their Virginity Before The Wedding
Willpower: Celebrities Who Kept Their Virginity Before The Wedding

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WomanHit.ru will tell you about the artists who were waiting for their one and only.

We see the stars get naked on the screen for filming in films and our own video clips, we admire their courage, and it certainly does not occur to us that many of our cocky on-screen idols “kept themselves” for one single person - a future spouse. We will tell you about celebrities who were able to keep their innocence until the wedding, not succumbing to the temptations of Hollywood.


One of the main stars on the modern musical Olympus broke up with her virginity after 20 years, when a music producer appeared in her life, who later became her husband, Jay Z. Until the moment of meeting, the singer was in a relationship with a young man who was the girl's first love, but Beyoncé did not allow the guy to go to the next level, saying that she was not ready to enter into an intimate relationship.

Jessica Simpson

In her music videos, Simpson always appears as a bright and daring blonde, it is difficult to imagine that the girl did not dare to intimacy before marriage. The singer said that she once promised her father, God and future husband that she would keep her virginity until the wedding. Jessica kept her promise by becoming the wife of Nick Lasche.

Adriana Lima

Probably one of the most beautiful women on the planet - Adriana Lima - despite working in the modeling business, was able to remain innocent until the wedding.

The girl adheres to Catholic traditions all her life, so sex before the wedding was completely excluded.

The first man of Adriana was the Serbian athlete Marko Jarić, with whom the girl was finally able to feel like a real woman.

Mariah Carey

The singer broke up with her virginity quite late by today's standards - at 22 years old. The artist's chosen one was the music tycoon Tommy Mottola. However, the artist was so unhappy in this relationship that the marriage with her first man had to be terminated. Despite the bad experience, the artist was able to find the strength and believe in another man, who became Carey's second husband, he turned out to be actor Nick Cannon.

Lisa Kudrow

The actress, who became wildly popular after the release of the series "Friends", Lisa Kudrow, is considered the record holder for the duration of abstinence - the actress remained innocent until the age of 30. At 31, Lisa married Michel Stern, who became the artist's first man. By the way, the couple are still happily married.

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