Victoria Bonya Surprised With Asymmetrical Breasts

Victoria Bonya Surprised With Asymmetrical Breasts
Victoria Bonya Surprised With Asymmetrical Breasts

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The star has finally restored her Instagram account. And the very first post literally shocked the subscribers.

At the end of April, six million followers of Victoria Boni were unpleasantly surprised: the account of their favorite was blocked once in the morning. Someone began to put forward versions that Victoria herself deleted the account due to haters, someone decided that her page was blocked due to advertising. Bonya herself complained that hackers had hacked her. But today, the social media star was finally able to restore her popular account. “Are you glad to see me? I'm back,”she wrote to her fans.

Recall that Victoria started a page on the popular social network immediately after the birth of her daughter, in 2012. And over the years she has earned the title of a truly popular blogger. Now, in addition to admitting that the fans missed the beauty very much, Bonya also received a portion of criticism. The fact is that in order to greet the subscribers, she chose a not very successful outfit - a tight T-shirt, under which she forgot to put on underwear. And the angle could be found better. Victoria's gorgeous breasts seemed to "float", and of course, the followers immediately drew attention to this. Some even decided that Bonya had done an unsuccessful plastic surgery, and this was precisely the reason for her two-week absence from the Web.

By the way, the TV presenter and the model have more than once been convicted of plastic surgery on the chest and face. Although the girl herself denies everything, a few years ago it became known that not only nature, but also the dexterous hands of the surgeon, worked on her beauty.

By the way, the most common problem that spoils the breast and makes it very unpresentable is the implants. Although many people think that after the operation their bust will be luxurious, they are wrong. Yes, of course, for the first 3-5 years it will be so, but after that the breasts will still sag. However, sagging is still half the trouble. The scariest and weirdest thing can be that the breasts will be made of different sizes. The reason can be both unprofessional intervention of a surgeon and a violation of the regime in the recovery period. And if the implant was not of the best quality, then in the case of excessive training in the gym or as a result of injury, rupture can occur.

Many stars cannot boast of a perfect bust due to once performed surgeries. For example, Tara Reed at one time got too carried away with plastic surgery and, as a result, got one breast relatively normal, and the other - hanging down to the navel. Victoria Beckham in the past also inserted implants more than once, but then changed her mind and refused them. And her own breasts look like those of a teenager when the bust is just forming. We have collected photos of stars with ugly breasts in one gallery.

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