Ksenia Kachalina: "You Can Forgive For Mikhail's Genius"

Ksenia Kachalina: "You Can Forgive For Mikhail's Genius"
Ksenia Kachalina: "You Can Forgive For Mikhail's Genius"

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Mikhail Efremov got into a terrible accident on June 8. He drove into the oncoming lane in his jeep and crashed into a car. The driver of the second car, Sergei Zakharov, died several hours later in the hospital. The artist was detained the next day. The court appointed him to house arrest until May 9, while the investigation is underway. A medical examination showed that not only alcohol 2, 1 ppm was found in his blood, but also narcotic substances, the Moscow prosecutor's office reported this.

Meanwhile, the relatives of the deceased Zakharov are preparing for the funeral, which will take place on June 11 in Ryazan. On the same day, the driver's mother-in-law, who died of cancer, will be buried. To an elderly mother of a man, relatives do not dare to inform about the death of her son. Sergei's brother, as well as his son, nephew and daughter-in-law became guests of the Live Show with Andrei Malakhov. They stated that in two days no one had contacted them from Efremov's side. they refuse to accept the actor's condolences and hope that he will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

The program editors managed to contact the artist's ex-wife Ksenia Kachalina. Together they raised their daughter Anna-Maria. The woman took the side of her ex-husband. “When I saw this footage, it was so terrifying that I passed out. It seems to me that on the part of Mikhail it was almost suicide - to go straight to a meeting, head to head. I am so sorry for the family of the deceased driver. But Mikhail's genius can be forgiven. Mikhail has the right to stumble, but in no case should he be imprisoned. He's a genius and that's it! He is a genius dad, a genius actor, and he is a genius person. Everything! That says it all. He can do anything. He is an absolutely free man and does whatever he wants! Bear, I love you, you are the best ",

- said the woman.

The guests in the studio noted that Kachalina looked bad and suggested that she needed the help of a narcologist and psychiatrist. Recall that the current wife of Efremov is Sofia Kruglikova. Earlier, she said that on the unfortunate day, the actor was with friends whom she knows little. And the city cameras recorded that half an hour before the accident, Mikhail Olegovich visited the bar, where he arranged swearing.

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