Three Of The Most High-profile Scandals In Russian Show Business Over The Past Year

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Three Of The Most High-profile Scandals In Russian Show Business Over The Past Year
Three Of The Most High-profile Scandals In Russian Show Business Over The Past Year

Russian show business has always been especially rich in scandals and intrigues. 2019 was no exception. Rambler has dealt with three of the most loudly discussed situations in the world of Russian stars.

Daughter Alsou "won the Voice"

It is unlikely that at least one Russian has not heard of the scandal on the popular song show "The Voice", which has been blowing up the ratings of the first channel for several years now. However, this year all these "ratings" were beaten by an unpleasant scandal on the children's version of the show.

So, among the three finalists was Alsou's daughter, Mikella Abramova.


Shot from the show "The Voice"

The girl won, but later it turned out that the results of the audience vote were falsified. The scandal led to the fact that the girl and her mother, the beloved singer Alsou, began to literally persecute on the Web for the purchased voices.

The creators had to hold another final and split the victory between the three finalists in order to somehow make amends for the scandal.

Drunken Bilan

Another scandal happened with the popular singer Dima Bilan. The public's favorite in September 2019 performed at a concert in Samara in honor of the city day, but the ordinary show became a dark spot in his biography.

The thing is that Bilan went on stage clearly not sober: he moved and gestured very strangely. Viewers immediately noticed something was wrong and sent a video on the Web. The media and colleagues loudly discussed the failure of the famous singer. It turned out that before going on stage, Bilan met friends and drank.

In order to somehow cover such an unpleasant situation, Dima apologized and promised to atone for his guilt before the city. As a result, he held a free concert in Samara, built a new playground in the city and bought a modern apparatus for the children's hospital. According to media reports, the trip and valuable gifts cost the star seven million rubles.

The most candid film

The last high-profile scandal of the year was the film "Text", in which the main character was played by the blonde beauty Christina Asmus. The viewer is used to seeing a star in the form of lovely young ladies, but in "Text" Asmus appeared in an intimate scene, which was discussed by all of Russia.


Social network

Too frank shots of "love" with colleague Vanya Yankovsky surprised everyone. Especially the general bewilderment affected the husband of the actress, comedian Garik Kharlamov. Everyone wondered how a man could let his wife participate in such scenes.

However, despite the flurry of criticism against Asmus, Kharlamov said that these are only features of his wife's acting work. The stars managed to save the marriage.

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