Zavorotnyuk Has A Few Days Left, Razin Said

Zavorotnyuk Has A Few Days Left, Razin Said
Zavorotnyuk Has A Few Days Left, Razin Said

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Producer Andrei Razin recently tried to visit actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk at the clinic, but he was not allowed in. He said that for many years they communicated well, visited different events together. Razin admitted that Anastasia had complained of poor health before, but she never spoke about the disease.

According to the producer, Zavorotnyuk loved to use various cosmetic procedures to prolong her youth. About 15 years ago, an actress asked him: "Have you tried rejuvenation using stem cells?" Razin admitted that at that time this technique was fashionable and many stars used it, including Zhanna Friske.

The producer believes that it was this procedure that crippled the health of the actress. In addition, there was a lot of stress in her life. She tried to achieve everything herself. Zavorotnyuk took loans, tried to start her own business and risked a lot. As a result, she had many problems with mortgages. Anastasia's personal life was also not very good. After parting with Zhigunov, she even prettier, going out in people with a skater.

Razin said that during Anastasia's stay in Poland, the disease began to develop rapidly. Now the doctors had to enter the actress into an artificial coma. They have already tried all possible methods of treatment, but the actress began to have cerebral edema.

“Unfortunately, doctors are powerless here,” Razin added.

The producer is very worried about Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. He recalls that Zhanna Friske and Elena Obraztsova were only recently buried, and now there is trouble again.

Many stars express their support for Anastasia on their pages in social networks and blogs. The whole country is worried about her.

Earlier it was reported that Zavorotnyuk in Germany underwent craniotomy

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