Chadov And Ditkovskite: Divorce Revelations

Chadov And Ditkovskite: Divorce Revelations
Chadov And Ditkovskite: Divorce Revelations

Video: Chadov And Ditkovskite: Divorce Revelations

Video: Развод, тайный ребенок и второй брак: что скрывает Агния Дитковските 2022, December

The actors talked about the divorce and revealed the secret with whom their son lives.

The country has been closely following the relationship between Alexei Chadov and Agnia Ditkovskite for more than ten years. In 2015, the actors decided to divorce, but promised to keep a warm relationship for the sake of their son Fedor, who was then only one year old.

The relationship of the couple can be watched on the reality show "Allies", which was hosted by the actors. The program starts in March on the STS TV channel.

The filming of the project took place in Sri Lanka. The conditions are not fabulous at all - eight couples-participants came to the island to fight for 10 million rubles for their child. They are facing psychological and physical tests, but the most difficult thing is that every couple has been divorced for more than a year.

- We were also in such a situation, we went that way from endless happiness, love to divorce. It was not easy for the participants, because some of them came to the project just to compete for a prize, and did not even talk to each other in pairs, '' said Alexey Chadov. - But I am absolutely convinced that there are no ex-wives, and a woman still remains a relative. And you need to build relationships. Do it even for the sake of the child.

Agnia Ditkovskite noted that she and Alexei often have a rest with the whole family, three of them.

- But Fyodor has two full-fledged houses - one with me, one with dad. We are taking care of our son separately, and in Sri Lanka we were all together, '' the actress added.

But the project participants had to spend a month and a half away from children. And homesickness helped some build relationships.

- We are not gods and could not reconcile the participants. And there was no such goal - to make everyone get married again. But by our example, we tried to show that relationships can be warm even after a divorce. After all, children always feel very subtly if something is wrong, Agnia Ditkovskite worries.

By the way, the child of the actors does not yet know that mom and dad are divorced.

“We’ll have to talk to him when he’s older.” So far, he only knows that mom and dad work a lot. But over time, I will have a friend, Agnia will have a friend, and we will come to this serious and important conversation anyway,”stressed Aleksey Chadov.

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