Tatiana Lazareva Hospitalized In Spain

Tatiana Lazareva Hospitalized In Spain
Tatiana Lazareva Hospitalized In Spain

Video: Tatiana Lazareva Hospitalized In Spain

Video: Татьяна Лазарева — о юморе, детях, английском образовании и жизни в Испании 2022, November

Several years ago, the popular TV presenter Tatyana Lazareva admitted that she suffers from chronic ulcerative colitis. The artist has been in Spain for the past few weeks. She wrote on Instagram about the deterioration of her own health.

The TV presenter felt a sharp pain in the abdomen, which intensified over time. An ambulance was called for her, which arrived only 40 minutes later.

“The doctor said that he couldn’t take me anywhere yet, but he would give me two injections - an anesthetic and a relaxing one, and then left, saying that if it doesn’t feel better in 10-15 minutes, then you need to call him again,” Lazareva said.

She noted that “it didn’t get any easier, my hands began to go numb and at the moments of the wave-like increase in pain, consciousness turned off, and began to vomit”.

The doctor who came to the repeated call injected the artist with morphine, after which a special ambulance, clean of coronavirus, took Lazareva to the hospital. The TV presenter admitted that, according to the results of the MRI, she had a kidney stone, and complained that the hospital did not feed.

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