Glucose Divorce Is Discussed On The Web

Glucose Divorce Is Discussed On The Web
Glucose Divorce Is Discussed On The Web

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Rumors about the divorce of 33-year-old singer Gluk'oZa (Natalya Ionova) and 46-year-old businessman Alexander Chistyakov do not subside on the Web. However, the couple has yet to comment on the gossip.

Rumors began to spread after Gluk'oZ stopped posting joint photos with her husband and changed the name of her Instagram account to glukozamusic, removing her husband's surname from it. The singer was recently spotted without a wedding ring.

A few days ago, Express-Gazeta, citing eyewitnesses, wrote that Natalia's husband had been seen at a restaurant in New Riga with a certain brunette at the beginning of this year. "They hugged, adored. Madame looked like a lady from Instagram," the newspaper quotes the words of her interlocutor.

"The [divorce] of Glucose and Alexander Chistyakov is the case when everything was going for so long and for a long time that there was not the slightest certainty that it would ever come to pass," writes the author of the Tatler Heroine telegram channel. It is also reported that the reason for the breakup was another betrayal of the spouse, who allegedly kept photographs of the former. “It happens that people’s character deteriorates in the process of bankruptcy. Interestingly, now Natasha will start wearing more closed things, or vice versa, she’ll stop dressing altogether,” the author of the same telegram channel asks.

Blogger and author of "Live Journal" Elena Miro believes that Gluk'oZa herself is to blame for the possible breakdown of the marriage. "Naked and half-naked - it is her own fault, but her husband probably found a more modest and chaste one!" - Miro quotes the words of Internet users. She claims that, according to subscribers, Ionova disgraced her husband by exposing her body on social networks.

In early 2018, Miro wrote that Gluk'oZa stopped attending events due to her husband's bankruptcy. According to her, the businessman collaborated with the wife of the former mayor of Moscow, Elena Baturina, from whom he allegedly "stole" a large amount of money. After that, Baturina stopped investing in Chistyakov's projects, the business was run by people who, according to rumors, stole all the money. "Now Chistyakov is bankrupt," Miro summed up.

Ionova and Chistyakov got married in 2006. They have two daughters - Lydia and Vera. Also, the businessman has a son, Alexander, from his first marriage.

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