Gluck'oZa Excited Fans With A Strange Pose

Gluck'oZa Excited Fans With A Strange Pose
Gluck'oZa Excited Fans With A Strange Pose

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The artist delighted fans with an unusual photo on her Instagram page. It turned out that Natalia Ionova is seriously engaged in yoga.

The singer shared her secret of success. "If you want to achieve success, first imagine it in your head, draw a picture. Everything to the smallest detail, yourself in this state and how you achieve it, step by step! It works," wrote the star.

At the same time, she posted a picture in which she is depicted in a difficult yoga pose. The singer made a plank on her arms with her head down. Fans admired Gluck'oZa's athletic training and were turned on by her chiseled, feminine forms in tight sportswear. "What a fine fellow you are", "Chic, and only", "Sportswoman - Komsomol member - beauty !!!", "Fire", "Good position for sex", - social network users commented on the picture.

Earlier, Ionova posted a snapshot from the beach on her Instagram. The star is posing sitting on the sand. She is dressed in a silver swimsuit and a cape that resembles a fishing net, which also caused delight.

Note that Natalia is happily married. The spouse of the star, Alexander Chistyakov, approves of the appearance of candid pictures in the social networks of his beloved.

Recall that the artist married the co-owner of the oil company Alexander Chistyakov on June 17, 2006. The couple are raising two daughters: Lydia, who was born on May 8, 2007, and Vera, born on September 8, 2011.

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