Star Beauties Who Made Proposals To Grooms

Star Beauties Who Made Proposals To Grooms
Star Beauties Who Made Proposals To Grooms

Video: Star Beauties Who Made Proposals To Grooms

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Traditions instruct girls to wait for the beloved to propose marriage. But life proves that this moment may not come. Perhaps you should take the initiative and propose yourself? This is exactly what the heroines of the collection did.

1. Singer Pink and Carey Hart. Motorcycle racer Carey during one of the races saw his beloved, who was holding a poster with the words "Will you marry me?" When the man passed to the second round, Pink was already with another poster, where it was written "I'm not kidding!" They got married in 2006 and are now raising a son and daughter.

2. Actress and TV presenter Evelina Bledans and Alexander Semin. Evelina was the first to ask for the young man's phone number, and then she herself started talking about the wedding: during a joint vacation, she, getting down on one knee, invited her lover to marry her. A convinced bachelor Alexander took a time out, but Evelina did not give up and repeated the offer several more times in other cities. Young people got married, they had a son, but after 6 years they parted.

3. Singer Glucose and Alexander Chistyakov. During the party, Natalya, excited by a couple of glasses of wine, said to the man: "Take me in marriage!" He did not miss the opportunity to start a family and married a girl. Since 2006, the couple have been together and are raising two daughters.

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