Glitch ' OZa: "Half Of My Friends Were Imprisoned Or Killed"

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Glitch ' OZa: "Half Of My Friends Were Imprisoned Or Killed"
Glitch ' OZa: "Half Of My Friends Were Imprisoned Or Killed"

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Singer Natalya Ionova, better known as Gluk'oZa, spoke about her childhood in the NTV program "Once". The singer admitted that she was a difficult teenager and only the support of her grandmother Lydia Ionova helped her achieve what she has now.

“Everyone was talking about me: a terrible child, a poor student, has been smoking since 12 or 13 years old. And she always found warm words, never swore, never raised her voice, never hit in her life,”

- shared Gluk'oZa.

"The whole entrance" used "

Natalia admitted that she led a riotous lifestyle.

“We grew up at the entrance, squatting by the battery. I remember how we all hung out in the entrance, and there were some drunks, and we were all there until one o'clock in the morning. Half of my friends were imprisoned and killed. We “used” the entire entrance”,

- the singer recalls.

Gluck'oZa previously admitted in an interview with Super that she used drugs. “I was 12 years old. At that time, I had already tried all the drugs that only exist to enhance feelings and emotions,”says Ionova.

Bleat on the lower balcony

At the same time, she met with producer Maxim Fadeev. This meeting radically changed her life. The singer noted that she met with Fadeev on the set of the film when she was 12 years old. The future star drank port and sipped. Gluk'oZa admitted that for the first time Fadeev saw her "an impudent, drunken girl" who "blew from the balcony on the lower balcony."

Praying for Maxim Fadeev

The producer set a condition for Natalia: either they work together, or she can continue to walk further, and Ionova chose the first one.



Most of all, during this period, the granddaughter was still supported by her grandmother. She was happy about her success.

“My grandmother has a photograph of Maxim Fadeev next to the icon. She really prays for him that he came into my life on time”,

- said the singer.

Now Gluk'oZa is happily married to businessman Alexander Chistyakov and has two daughters. The family recently celebrated their 12th birthday.

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