The Web Admired Malikov's Daughter In The Form Of A Doll

The Web Admired Malikov's Daughter In The Form Of A Doll
The Web Admired Malikov's Daughter In The Form Of A Doll

Video: The Web Admired Malikov's Daughter In The Form Of A Doll

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Stephanie managed to make it realistic.

The daughter of the famous singer, composer Dmitry Malikov decided to please fans with her unusual picture. Stefania participated in a photo shoot where she had to portray a Barbie doll. And the girl managed to cope with such a difficult task. The network noted that the composer has a very beautiful daughter. Some did not even immediately realize that the picture captured a living girl.

“At first I thought it was a real doll, only then I saw that it was Stefania! "," And no matter how long ago, it's true, a real doll! You are a beautiful girl!”,“Cool photo ️”,“Very beautiful”,“Beautiful doll”,“Pretty woman, the most modest, pleasant, well-mannered girl!”,“Doll”,“Charming girl”,“Beauty! as always, Steshenka "," Doll ", - the audience in Instagram enthusiastically reacted.

Note that the daughter of Dmitry Malikov is studying at the Faculty of Journalism at MGIMO. And recently, the girl first appeared at the Pioneer Readings, which are annually organized by the Russian Pioneer magazine. Stephanie got the opportunity to share her thoughts with the business audience. The girl, of course, was very worried. But it seems that Stephanie managed to make a positive impression. Dmitry Malikov's daughter read her new article with confidence.

And in October, the composer's daughter got the opportunity to try herself in television journalism. Stefania became the host of the new program "In the Kids Theme" on the "U" The girl herself reported this on her personal blog and shared the video of the first release. Now the MGIMO student talks about the children of the stars every week on Thursdays.

Recall that Dmitry Malikov is married to Elena Izakson. In 2000, their daughter Stephanie was born. In 2018, a little Mark appeared in the family. Note that the artist's wife has an adult daughter from her first marriage, Olga. In August 2016, Elena had a granddaughter. The baby was named Anna.

Earlier, the singer said that most of all the news about the birth of Mark was surprised by his daughter ( 2018.htm). Until recently, her parents did not reveal this secret to her: “The daughter, of course, was dumbfounded by the news of the birth of a child and the appearance of her brother. We did not tell her about pregnancy until the last moment, although we did not expect any bad reaction. On the contrary, I really wanted her to be happy. And so it happened - Stephanie began to cry. But these were tears of happiness."

The daughter of Dmitry Malikov is very fond of Mark. The girl is happy to help her mom and dad raise the baby. By the way, recently Stefania has been happy to share cute photos and videos with Mark. And if earlier the girl was criticized for jealousy of her younger brother, now fans are touched by the family idyll.

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