Lorak First Came Out With A New Lover

Lorak First Came Out With A New Lover
Lorak First Came Out With A New Lover

Video: Lorak First Came Out With A New Lover

Video: Zivert - Life | Премьера клипа 2022, November

As you know, not so long ago, the famous singer Ani Lorak survived a divorce and has already managed to find a new lover, who became the 26-year-old sound producer Yegor Gleb. The other day, the couple made their first joint appearance. This was due to a visit to the "New Wave" in Sochi. The corresponding video was posted on the singer's fan page on Instagram, after which the fans began to vigorously discuss what they saw.

The video shows how the performer and her companion pass through the metal detector frame. At the same time, Yegor walks with his head down and hiding his eyes from the journalists.

The singer's fans immediately began to comment on how the couple looked together, and the singer's beloved earned very unflattering reviews.

"Excuse me, but Murat somehow looked more impressive next to her …", "Why does he hide his face and eyes?", "Yes, some are right, but he really does not suit her, does not suit her at all, she would need a more impressive man", “Isn't there really a worthy pair for our beauty in the multimillion-dollar Moscow ??”, “Well, this Gleb hides his whole face, as if he is shy or afraid of something. If you love this woman, then behave appropriately,”fans left such comments.

In addition, Gleb's clothing style was criticized, which, according to subscribers, he should have changed to match Lorak. It has also been suggested that the novel is actually a fiction to distract the attention of pesky reporters.

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