Priluchny Revealed His "new Passion"

Priluchny Revealed His "new Passion"
Priluchny Revealed His "new Passion"

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Video: Павел Прилучный - О поездке в Крым, конфликте с репортером и новом «Мажоре» 2022, November

In her Instagram Stories, the wife of the "Major" star Agata Muceniece said that she had found him watching the program "Let's Get Married!" According to her, Pavel Priluchny made a confession about his next lover.

The actor humorously explained to his wife why he was watching this show. Muceniece suggested that the actress Larisa Guzeeva could have conquered Pavel.

Explaining to his wife the reasons why he turned on the program, Priluchny assured that the co-host of Rosa Syabitova could become his new passion. Agatha decided to post a funny family scene on her microblog.

"Friends, I'm getting out of the shower, and Pashka sticks to the program" Let's get married!"

The actress asked her husband.

"Yes, I can't tear myself away. This is my next passion after you!"

- Pavel Priluchny answered his wife.

To this, Agatha wished her beloved good luck with a smile. Then the couple started fooling around and commenting on the show.

Recall that after information appeared in the media about assault in the Priluchny family, 29-year-old Agata Muceniece said that journalists forgot to write that her husband had beaten her to death, and in general she was in a coma. Priluchny himself did not comment on the situation.

As "" wrote, on the eve of the New Year holidays, news appeared in the media that the actress's PR manager called the police and said that Pavel Priluchny beat his wife and locked her at home. Later, the woman retracted her words.

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