Stellar Weddings

Stellar Weddings
Stellar Weddings

A lot of star weddings have thundered this year. Some celebrities have married for the first time, others have already been married. Nevertheless, almost all famous people made a magnificent show out of weddings, and now we can think of celebrity weddings in 2018.

1. Singer Vlad Topalov and TV presenter Regina Todorenko got married on October 25. The wedding was modest, since the bride was already at a long stage of pregnancy. Recently it became known that the couples had a son. As soon as the baby grows up, Regina and Vlad will arrange a magnificent celebration on the occasion of the wedding.

2. Singer Emin Agalarov and model Alena Gavrilova got married on July 14th. The couple invited many famous people to the celebration, which took place in the suburban complex owned by the groom's family.

3. Actress Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina became the wife of musician and producer Bari Alibasov. This wedding stunned the public: Alibasov is 71, and Fedoseeva-Shukshina is 80. The ceremony was chamber, and this is not surprising, because for the groom this is the sixth marriage, and for the bride - the fifth.

Watch the video and find out about other celebrities who exchanged vows of loyalty to each other this year.

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