Tatiana Arntgolts: "It's Strange For Me If A Woman Can't Cook"

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Tatiana Arntgolts: "It's Strange For Me If A Woman Can't Cook"
Tatiana Arntgolts: "It's Strange For Me If A Woman Can't Cook"

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The actress has over 50 movie roles, but The New Man is her first comedy and her first short haircut in 14 years.

“In the profession it is easier for me to decide on changes than in real life, in it I am a constant value,” admits Tatiana.

Tatyana, was it easy to get involved in a project where they don't suffer, but joke?

Tatiana Arntgolts:

There was such a film "Miracles in Reshetov» - a little comedic, light, I played a mermaid in it, also the series "Talisman of Love" is a fairy tale with funny elements, but still dramatic. So that an absolute comedy is really my first experience. It was not easy at first, I took everything too seriously. The director told me all the time: “Don't think, don't bury yourself so deeply, this is a different genre, here the heroes are like children.” The first month and a half I was in such stress that I did not understand how I worked, whether it was good, bad, whether it worked out. I could not watch the footage, evaluate myself. But I was lucky with the partners who supported me, Maxim Vitorgan is a pro in this genre, he helped a lot.

Maxim got the role of your heroine's new groom, a reliable handyman Viti, and Vladimir Epifantsev plays her husband - explosive, fickle Sasha. Which type is closer to you?

Tatiana Arntgolts:

If we talk about me, then I am for the golden mean in everything. My Ira is trying to correctly politically build relationships with the unpredictable, explosive Sasha - the father of her children, who abandoned his family, and Vitya, who is absolutely opposite to him. Somewhere inside, she has feelings for this stunned ex, but she understands that you cannot forgive, that now there is a stable man next to her, with whom you can, without fear, go into a bright future. Ira cannot decide all the time whether she is strict and inaccessible or soft, romantic, ready to give her husband-bully one more chance.

A man should have golden hands

Why do you think bullies are so attractive?

Tatiana Arntgolts:

I can't say about myself that there was a loose bully in my life. Probably, in such a male type, girls in their youth like their thirst for adventure. The bully is brave, he is not afraid of anything, he is a desperate fighter with all difficulties. But when these girls grow up, stuffing bumps on endless roller coasters, they begin to understand that with someone like a calm Vitya, ready to tighten any nut in the house, it is safer, with him, you know what will happen tomorrow.

Is it so important today for a man to skillfully operate a drill and be able to fix everything himself?

Tatiana Arntgolts:

Our dad (actor Albert Arntgolts. - Approx. "Antenna") still has golden hands. He always did everything in the house himself. Mom (actress Valentina Galich. - Approx. "Antenna") cooked, equipped the hearth, taught me and my sister Olga. I still spy on her and send messages: "Mom, write a recipe", "What do you add to make it so tasty?" It’s a strange phenomenon for me if a woman doesn’t know how to cook, like a man who doesn’t have a suitcase with tools, and he cannot assemble a baby bed, hammer something with a hammer. I believe that girls and boys should prepare themselves from childhood to become real women and men. Unfortunately, such simple truths, in which I was brought up, today for some reason have sunk into oblivion. I think that in this regard, a lot depends on their parents.

Your daughter Masha is eight years old. Already teaching her how to cook?

Tatiana Arntgolts:

Yes. I explain to her that she is the future mistress. If God willing, and I have a son someday, I will teach him that he is a man in the house. The spouse will rely on him, and he must have golden hands in order to be able to collect, dig up, repair. These are our values, culture, they must not be forgotten. It can't be that everyone can only take selfies and posts on social networks.People have gone crazy with these Instagrams today.

You, judging by the rare photographs and records on the Web, are not yet ready to let the whole Internet into your life

Tatiana Arntgolts:

I understand that it is useless to fight against time, it is what it is. They had been persuading me for a long time to start a page on Instagram, I grew up and matured and did it. But I don't live with a phone in my hands. I post something only when my soul flies, if I understand what I want to share, as it was on the day of our national football team's victory over Spain. My friends and I then gathered in a large company in a bar and were sick. I was overwhelmed with happiness and could not help but upload a video. The same thing happened when I read a book that shocked me. Suddenly someone looks and thinks: “I want to read the same as Tanya Arntgolts. I wonder what inspired her so much. " This is what I can share. And to shoot every second - there is no such habit. I live in reality.

I keep gifts, I don't throw anything away

In the reality of many viewers, you are the owner of beautiful long hair. How long have you been persuaded to have a haircut?

Tatiana Arntgolts:

I had a picture "Honeymoon" (the series was released in 2003. - Approx. "Antenna"), where we filmed together with Sasha Domogarov, I had my hair cut for her. But after such an experience there was no 14 years. I agreed immediately! Even before the invitation to audition, I somehow thought that it would be great if I was offered a project with the condition that for the role I need to cut my long hair. Some time passes, and they call for the casting of the "New Man". I remember that I had a night shift, the text was sent the day before, I taught it right on the spot, quickly read it and ran off to another shooting. When they called me again, they said that they had approved for the role, but there is one request: a short haircut. I replied: "Easy, just not under the hedgehog." Honestly waiting for this day.

Did Masha appreciate the new image of mom?

Tatiana Arntgolts:

My daughter used to have long gorgeous hair, but we are tired of fighting with them, because she still cannot take care of them herself. She was given a square in July, and my hair was cut just as short on 30 October. I even remember this day. So we went with similar hairstyles.

Didn't you have any fear that the audience would stop recognizing?

Tatiana Arntgolts:

In every city where we went on tour with the play "Two on a Swing", a whisper ran through the hall: "Look, I got a haircut!" It's funny, because everyone is used to me different. On auditions, they don't say: "Oh, where is your hair?" On the contrary, everyone likes it. It's easy for me to handle them myself, I swim in the sea without rubber bands and hairpins, I don't even use a hairdryer in the summer.

You are not one of those actresses who are brunette today and blonde with curls tomorrow. Are they as constant in everything as in appearance?

Tatiana Arntgolts:

It's hard for me to change my place of residence, to move from apartment to apartment, it was difficult to film in Cuba for two months. Some people can easily part with memory, I don’t. There are things that are especially dear to me, for example, gifts from parents, relatives. I keep them, I don't throw anything away. It was stressful for me even to change the car. I bought the same brand, except that it was not exactly the same color. I even got similar numbers. At the same time, I like to relax in different, not the same places, to try new food, to meet people. But in the profession it is easier for me to decide on changes than in real life, in it I am a constant value.

I don't want to work hard and be tired

Your daughter is on school holidays now. Are you planning a vacation?

Tatiana Arntgolts:

Recently Masha and I were in Spain. We went on a cruise for the first time. These types of travel are somehow not very common in our country, and all of Europe has been rolling around the seas and oceans for a long time. We went for a short time, because I did not know how my daughter would endure, after all, days on end on the ship. But in the end we really liked it, and now I recommend it to everyone. Somewhere four or five years ago, I suddenly decided that I did not want to work for wear and tear. I need to spend more time with my child.

Why did this realization of "not working to wear and tear" come exactly four or five years ago? Something pushed?

Tatiana Arntgolts:

Then my husband and I (Tatiana was married to actor Ivan Zhidkov from 2008 to 2013. - Note "Antenna") parted. Probably, from that moment on I decided that I should spend more time at home. I realized that I could no longer take and leave for a long time, for example, on a film expedition for two or three months, as it was before. Because life in new circumstances is built differently, the child will no longer be with dad if I am on the set. In the summer I could still take Masha with me, but not in the middle of the year. I didn't want her to go to the garden in different cities of the country, and now she rode around schools. I do not want such stress for her and for myself. I refuse performances for the New Year. I always say that I have not been since December 25, I am leaving, do not count on my coming out on the 31st, although on this day spectators visit the theater, before the holidays the demand rises. But I understand for myself that you can't earn all the money. I don't want to be tired. After all, this is always visible from the artists, whether they are tortured or go to the stage in a good mood. I am a kaifushnitsa by nature, for me pleasure is in the first place in everything, whether I cook food, go on vacation or start a new project.

Do you often give up filming to protect yourself?

Tatiana Arntgolts:

I have been working non-stop since last summer and ending at the end of June this year, if you take a tour. There were performances, rehearsals, filming. When I took the child to her parents in Kaliningrad for the holidays, I was offered two projects that were supposed to start almost immediately. But I realized that I was not ready, I want to rest, I will stay in Kaliningrad more, I will travel. Thank God I can afford it. She agreed to shoot pictures that are planned for the fall, and decided to refuse the summer ones. I want to be young and beautiful, kind and bright for a long time, and not work like a horse, get angry, grow old quickly and say how tired I am of everything. It happens that you see some colleagues, girls and men so exhausted. They don't have enough sleep, they don't have the required number of hours spent at home in their beds, endless suitcases, trips. I don't even dream of playing 20-25 performances a month. I remember that we asked the producer of the play "Two on a Swing" not to do even 15, because in that case you go on stage without pleasure.

My daughter is actively trying on my shoes

What do you like to do with Masha?

Tatiana Arntgolts:

We like to travel, and it doesn't matter what it will be - a trip to Obninsk on tour, somewhere on vacation, or just a day when I have a lot to do and I take it with me. She's a problem-free child. It's easy with her. We easily go about my business. Masha at this time draws something, decides. She most of all just likes to be with her mother, it is interesting with her exactly the same as with dad, and it does not matter what to do, the main thing is together.

Is it true that the older the child, the more interesting the parents are with him?

Tatiana Arntgolts:

Of course, many topics can be discussed that earlier, when there was not enough brains in the head, were irrelevant. For example, when my sister and I come to Kaliningrad, my parents and I have debates until half past one in the morning. We say we cannot stop, and this happens every time.

Is Masha already showing interest in her mother's dresses and cosmetics?

Tatiana Arntgolts:

It has not come to dresses yet, but is actively trying on my shoes, sneakers and other shoes. I do not encourage, every time I am afraid, suddenly, God forbid, he will roll his leg in heels or something.


Born: March 18, 1982 in Kaliningrad.

Education: VTU im. Shchepkin.

Career: played more than 50 film roles, including in such films and TV series as "Still, I Love", "Marriage by Testament", "Furtseva", "Champions", etc.

Marital status: not married, daughter Maria (8 years old) from marriage with actor Ivan Zhidkov.

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