Celebrities Who Have Twins

Celebrities Who Have Twins
Celebrities Who Have Twins

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Families in which two babies appear at the same time are not so common. Twins and twins often live in their own world and prefer their brother or sister to other people. But some children direct their doubled energy to conquer the world and become stars. Which twins have become famous?

1. The Olsen sisters. Mary-Kate and Ashley appeared on the screen at nine months, at the age of 6 they were already producers, at 10 - the youngest millionaires. When the girls turned 17, they organized their own production company. Today the Olsen sisters are 32 years old, from time to time they act in films and own a clothing company.

2. Olga and Tatiana Arntgolts. The girls received names in honor of Pushkin's heroines - the Larin sisters, which probably determined their creative path. The sisters became actresses, at the age of 36, each of them has several dozen roles in the asset.

3. Boris and Konstantin Burdaevs. In the late nineties, the brothers organized the "Brothers Grim" musical group. In 2005, their hit "Flapping Eyelashes" literally blew up the charts. Four years later, the group fell apart due to creative differences. Now 37-year-old men lead a different way of life, but only Boris continued to study music.

4. Alexey and Vasily Berezutsky. The boys started playing football in childhood, at the age of 17 both ended up in the Torpedo-ZIL football club, and two years later they moved to CSKA. Now the 36-year-old brothers Berezutsky continue their football career.

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