Albina Dzhanabaeva: "I Don't Look 50"

Albina Dzhanabaeva: "I Don't Look 50"
Albina Dzhanabaeva: "I Don't Look 50"

Video: Albina Dzhanabaeva: "I Don't Look 50"

Video: Альбина Джанабаева - Пообещай (Official video) 2022, November

Albina Dzhanabaeva, one of the brightest members of the VIA GRA group, remained a permanent member of the group for almost nine years.

Since 2013, she has been developing a solo career, and just recently she ended her collaboration with Konstantin Meladze, with whom she worked for more than 15 years.

In the second issue of the Rambler / live show, Albina Dzhanabaeva told Pasha Mavridi about her work, her attitude to age:

"I know how I look. I do not look 50, as some write in the comments under my photos on social networks. But if something does not work out for you now and you want to pour your anger on my page, I will delete you." …

"It seems to me that this is a wonderful age, and I would never trade it for my 20s."

And about natural beauty:

"I support what I have been given. Thanks to my parents for that."

"I began to study, limited food, removed the salt. I entered a certain system."

"I can go to McDonald's anyway without getting lost."

"We (women) are experienced, wise, confident, strong and we only become that way with age."

"Wrinkles are a natural course of events in general."

The premiere of the second edition of the Rambler / live show will take place on September 25 on the Rambler / live youtube channel.

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