5 Most High-profile Drunken Celebrity Scandals

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5 Most High-profile Drunken Celebrity Scandals
5 Most High-profile Drunken Celebrity Scandals

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Alcohol removes all moral principles, and many have a hard-hitting story of drunken behavior. If ordinary people do not have to regret such incidents for a long time, then the stars are often reminded of their drunken antics.

Irina Dubtsova

Last year, a scandal erupted at a concert in Gomel, when Irina Dubtsova took the stage drunk. Fans and listeners immediately realized that she was drunk, since instead of beautiful singing they heard only drunken cries and a performance that was far from ideal. The audience did not tolerate such an attitude and forced the singer to stop the concert. The manager assured those present that they would receive a refund for the tickets and explained the singer's inappropriate behavior with an allergy to birch. Although those present did not believe such a ridiculous attempt to make excuses.

Lolita Milyavskaya

Lolita was never shy of her body and readily demonstrated excellent vocal abilities to everyone around her. In 2014, all the media thundered about the concert, which the singer gave near the entrance to the metro. Lolita was drunk and danced in a very short dress, attracting the attention of everyone around her. They even had to call the police to stop this performance, and the star herself did not give any comments about the impromptu concert.

Mikhail Efremov

The talented actor has been unsuccessfully struggling with alcohol addiction over the past ten years and does not always win. Once he was late for his own performance for an hour, and when he went on stage he could not even remember the text, as he was very drunk. The audience in the hall was outraged by the behavior of the actor, but instead of making excuses, he began shouting insults at the fans, so the hall quickly became empty.

Anastasia Volochkova

Volochkova often pleases the media with scandalous photo shoots and statements, but her appearance on the air while intoxicated became the pinnacle of unprofessional behavior. In 2015, the former ballerina took part in the filming of a program on NTV, where she showed herself from the worst side. She was clearly drunk, as she spoke indistinctly, cursed and told several intimate stories that no one would share in a sober state.

Olga Buzova

The singer is famous for her outrageous behavior, and every news about her flies at the speed of light. Recently, a video was circulated on the network where the drunk Olga walks on board the plane and offers passengers a drink with her. Buzova did not show aggression and behaved quite nicely, but none of those present agreed to become her drinking companion.

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