Stars Abusing Photoshop

Stars Abusing Photoshop
Stars Abusing Photoshop

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Video: Photoshop 2021 - Making Stars - Using Custom Shapes & Polygon 2022, December

It seems that the ability to work in Photoshop has become a must for celebrities today. How else to explain that in the photos that the stars post on Instagram, they look perfect, but in reality they look a little different. These girls have clearly succeeded in computer processing of images, so they often disappoint fans when they meet in person.

1. Anna Semenovich. Anna is famous for her love of photoshop, and fans regularly convict her of fake photos. Judging by the singer's Instagram, she has reached perfect forms and can finally boast of being slim. However, looking at the photographs of Semenovich taken by other people, this cannot be said.

2. Irina Dubtsova. Irina has also been struggling with excess weight for a long time. Recently, fans do not recognize the favorite, because in the photographs she looks like a model. True, in the pictures that are published by magazines, for some reason, Irina appears in a different form.

3. Victoria Bonya. The TV presenter loves to delight subscribers with spectacular poses and often publishes pictures from the gym. On them, Victoria looks like an athletic beauty with toned muscles. Alas, in the photo with fans, Victoria's figure is far from perfect.

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