Utyasheva Spoke About An Effective Way To Lose Weight

Utyasheva Spoke About An Effective Way To Lose Weight
Utyasheva Spoke About An Effective Way To Lose Weight

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Everything turned out to be very simple.

The former gymnast, although she left her sports career, is in great shape. And the fans constantly ask the star to tell how she manages to keep herself in great shape. Therefore, sometimes Utyasheva arranges "moments of educational program" on her page in social networks, revealing the secrets of harmony and beauty. Now the TV presenter spoke about one of the most effective means for losing weight.

“When girls and boys try to get in shape, they don't remember running right away, but only after trying different ways. But in vain. Running is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, says Laysan. - And most importantly, it not only does not harm health, but, on the contrary, strengthens it! Regular jogging in the morning or evening stimulates blood circulation and metabolic processes in your body. This helps to burn maximum calories in a short time, that is, to lose weight. And if you combine running with a balanced diet, the result will not keep you waiting long. No diet with colorful headlines will have this effect.

In addition, improving blood circulation while jogging will help the body renew cells and blood vessels that are dying from lack of movement. You will definitely feel a surge of new strength! My norm is 20 minutes of uphill jogging, the pace is average (in the fall I choose a treadmill)."

Of course, when running, it is very important to follow the correct technique. For example, here we wrote about what to look for when going for a run and chose the basic rules of running from Igor Sysoev, winner of the European Triathlon Cup, participant in the Olympic Games.

Well, the most important criterion for running correctly is your feelings. Running should not cause stress states. Choose a rhythm in which you experience positive emotions. It is also important to remember that there are contraindications. Among them are high blood pressure, heart rhythm disturbances, chronic kidney disease, thyroid disease, thrombophlebitis, etc. If you are in doubt or feel discomfort while running, consult a doctor.

Well, Laysan Utyasheva believes that even in addition to jogging, everyone can allocate at least 15-20 minutes a day for additional physical activity. “Brisk walking (to work or instead of an elevator on the stairs), a good bar and working out problem areas (stomach, buttocks, arms, legs) became the minimum daily load for me 15 minutes a day,” she confessed with followers. And as a motivation, she showed her photo, where she is 19 years old. And she said that then she weighed 30 kg more than now.

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