Goosebumps: Phrases Spoken By Celebrities A Second Before Death

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Goosebumps: Phrases Spoken By Celebrities A Second Before Death
Goosebumps: Phrases Spoken By Celebrities A Second Before Death

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The rich and famous in our society are considered to be the inhabitants of heaven. But in fact, even the brightest stars are ordinary mortals. Someone dies from old age, someone from illness, someone from an accident. What did they feel a second before the transition to another world, what did they think? It will never be known for sure, but their last words can be reproduced for certain. IA "Express-Novosti" has prepared for you a selection of idols' phrases spoken a second before death, touching, surprising and frightening.

Wow! Wow! Wow

Steve Jobs, American engineer, entrepreneur and founder of the famous "apple" empire, has died of pancreatic cancer. A man was dying in front of his family - his wife and children. Before closing his eyes forever, he repeated three times: "Wow!". What surprised or delighted him so? We will not know this anymore.

There is so beautiful

At the end of his life, the inventor Thomas Edison was plagued by the complications of diabetes. He was dying, lying near the window, and with his last gasp he said: "It's so beautiful there!" What did the sickly man mean? Maybe he was fascinated by the landscape, or something that was inaccessible to people from the world of the living appeared before his gaze?

They Shot at Me

This phrase was spoken by John Lennon, vocalist of the legendary "The Beatles", dying in an ambulance. The man was killed by a fan who asked the singer for an autograph, and then shot him in the back.

Honey, I'll go read it

Elvis Presley in the last years of his life suffered from insomnia and was carried away by sleeping pills. On that fateful evening, he apparently drank a critical dose of medication. Feeling drowsy, he went into the bedroom, finally throwing to his girlfriend: "Honey, I'll go read it." A few hours later, she found Presley dead.

Some butterfly has already taken off

Suffering from a bronchial infection, Vladimir Nabokov could hardly speak and breathe. Before his illness, he not only wrote novels, but also was fond of studying the life of butterflies. Perhaps that is why, a few minutes before his death, Nabokov found the strength to utter only one phrase: "Some butterfly has already taken off."

Here is a dog

These words were the last in the life of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, who was dying of a serious illness. When his dog came to the revolutionary's bedroom, holding a dead bird in his teeth, Lenin said: "Here is a dog," after which he fell into oblivion and soon died.

My God, what happened?

This question was asked to reporters by Princess Diana, dying from serious injuries. The woman received injuries incompatible with life, but for some time after the incident she was still conscious.

Good night, my kitten

Who would have thought that after this cute phrase, the legendary writer Ernest Hemingway would go up to his bedroom and shoot himself? However, this is what happened. In the last years of his life, the man suffered from persecution mania, he saw spies and enemies everywhere. Most likely, it was mental problems that pushed him to commit suicide.

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