Celebrity Haunted

Celebrity Haunted
Celebrity Haunted

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You can not believe in paranormal phenomena until you yourself are faced with something inexplicable. These celebrities have encountered ghosts and now they are unlikely to agree that the parallel world is a fiction.

1. Singer Ricky Martin bought an old mansion in Miami in 2008. The artist was warned that a ghost lived there, and was advised not to change the interior. However, the singer nevertheless decided to remake the house to his liking, and immediately strange things began: frightening sounds sounded in the house, doors opened and closed spontaneously, and cutlery constantly flew into Ricky. It ended up with Martin selling the strange house.

2. Actor Nicolas Cage when he bought the house that was previously owned by Delphine LaLaurie. The lady, who lived in the 18th century, became famous for the cruelty and abuse of black slaves. After Nicholas said that the ghost moaning and begging for mercy appeared in the house, which he did not like at all. As a result, the mansion passed to another owner.

3. Actress Olesya Sudzilovskaya played Lyubov Orlova in the 2014 TV series Orlova and Alexandrov. As Olesya said, before the first day of shooting, she dreamed of Lyubov Petrovna herself. The actress didn't say a word, but nodded. Sudzilovskaya regarded this dream as a blessing from a Soviet star.

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