Irina Pegova Arranged A Spicy Photo Session

Irina Pegova Arranged A Spicy Photo Session
Irina Pegova Arranged A Spicy Photo Session

Video: Irina Pegova Arranged A Spicy Photo Session

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The famous beauty, Honored Artist of Russia Irina Pegova attracts attention with her charming smile and magnificent forms and, like any woman, is happy with the flowers in the house. Having received charming pink roses, the star decided to arrange a spicy photo session with them, masterly fulfilling the role of both an operator and a seductive model.

40-year-old actress Irina Pegova has long achieved fame in the domestic cinema, however, despite the busy work schedule, the star finds time for creative impulses. Even today, the actress, having delighted in a beautiful bouquet of pink roses, decided to capture herself with them in the most advantageous and seductive perspective. Pegova arranged a photo shoot on the floor, getting rid of excess clothes for added piquancy.

Considering that Pegova is not a supporter of candid filming, the self-made shots made with a selfie stick looked pretty bold. Posing in her underwear, the actress either skillfully covered herself with a bouquet of flowers (creating a feeling of nakedness), then playfully placed a rose in a black bodice, accompanying all this with an invariably charming smile.

It is worth noting that the artist has always been pleased with her figure, despite all the differences in parameters with thin models. Moreover, the fans unanimously declare that it is the pleasant roundness that makes their favorite gentle and feminine, causing admiring glances from men and envious ones from women.

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