The Deceased Son Of Bezrukova Was A Member Of The Sect

The Deceased Son Of Bezrukova Was A Member Of The Sect
The Deceased Son Of Bezrukova Was A Member Of The Sect

Video: The Deceased Son Of Bezrukova Was A Member Of The Sect

Video: Елена Вавилова: «Самое опасное для разведчика — это встреча с соотечественниками» // Час Speak 2022, November

Actor Igor Livanov became a star guest of the next issue of Boris Korchevnikov's talk show "The Fate of a Man". The artist spoke about the deceased son from Irina Bezrukova and about a curious find in his room - a dozen diplomas in Scientology.

Igor Livanov was married three times. His first wife was a student Tatyana, they studied together at a theater university. In 1979, she gave him a daughter, Olga. They were such a harmonious family that everyone they knew admired them. However, in 1987, Tatyana and Olga died tragically - a freight train with failed brakes rammed the passenger train in which they were. Broken with grief, Livanov had to go to the identification, and then bury his beloved women.

"There were friends next to me who did not leave me, they understood. My neighbors helped. One of them brought me three-liter cans of cognac. I drank them, but nothing happened to me. Alcohol did not take me. I understood what I needed. either end life, that is, go to a monastery or be reborn through children. This abyss had to be closed, "Livanov said.

After a while, the actor married again. Wife Irina Livanova gave him a son, Andrei, in 1989. In 2000, Igor received such a serious injury during filming that he was temporarily paralyzed. At the same time, Irina announced to him her departure to the actor Sergei Bezrukov. Despite the misfortunes that fell, Livanov was still able to recover and continued to communicate with his son, whom his ex-wife took for herself.

“I promised Andrey that I would never speak badly about his mother, and I keep my word. However, I remember how I called my son in 2000, but he did not answer me. A little later he called back and said:“Dad, I’m in Volgograd, I live in an apartment. Mom sent me, this is Scientology. "I was furious, demanded that my son be returned home within 24 hours, or I am going to submit an application. The son was returned, but later I realized that I did not know him at all," Livanov stated.

In 2015, Andrei's son died at the age of 25. For the actor, this was a complete surprise. Livanov shared curious details: “When I was in his room, I realized that my son was still quite a child. Everywhere there were my pictures: you open the closet, there is a photograph, on the table, on the nightstands. And there were at least ten diplomas on the table. on Scientology. He knew how I would react to this hobby, so he did not tell me anything. I did not know my own son well. I still do not understand what happened to him then, I would very much like to know."

Livanov noted that after the death of his son, his ex-wife asked him for forgiveness. Now the actor is married for the third time. His wife Olga, who is 25 years younger than him, gave him two sons. According to him, his wife and heirs are for him a cure for any sorrows. However, Livanov does not forget about the deceased children. He said: "I know that they have not left, they are near. Both my wife Tanya, and my daughter Olya, and my son. They are my guardian angels, they are together, and I believe in it."

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