Podolskaya Complained About Rude Drivers

Podolskaya Complained About Rude Drivers
Podolskaya Complained About Rude Drivers

Video: Podolskaya Complained About Rude Drivers

Video: Watch out For Rude Drivers 2022, November

Singer Natalia Podolskaya spoke about an unpleasant situation that happened to her in Moscow. So, a 37-year-old singer was insulted by a stranger.

“Today I plunged from my warm cozy world into someone else's evil and filthy world. And I was just shaking from a feeling of injustice and resentment,” Podolskaya complained in her Instagram.

So, the girl was going to park the car in the yard, where there are always not enough places. Leaving the car where it was blocking the exit of another driver, the star left her number under the windshield. When an angry man called her, Podolskaya hurried to clean the car.

“I really jump and run, adequately understanding that I am causing inconvenience. I start to taxi, poke around, poke around, a man flies out and opens such a nasty mouth at me … ", - said the girl.


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The singer admitted that she threatened the man with her guards, which she did not have, out of resentment.

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