Podolskaya Frightened With An Emaciated Look

Podolskaya Frightened With An Emaciated Look
Podolskaya Frightened With An Emaciated Look

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Video: Наталья Подольская - О Владимире Преснякове, пути к беременности /Румтур дома 2022, November

Natalia Podolskaya caused a stir among her fans. After reviewing new photos from the gym, published by the singer, fans suspected that the artist was suffering from anorexia.

Pictures of Natalia Podolskaya, who appeared on Instagram pop stars, were taken in the gym. The famous Russian pop singer showed off a figure in a tight-fitting black suit. Podolskaya said that she maintains such an excellent shape thanks to increased sports.

Subscribers of Natalia Podolskaya, looking closely, were not at all delighted with the excessive, in their opinion, slenderness of the star. The artist was advised to leave permanent diets, with which she seems to have already brought herself to anorexia, Channel Five reports.

"Natalia, do not get carried away with weight loss", "I agree, the body must be kept in good shape, but not to fanaticism!", "In my opinion, you are close to anorexia!". ed.).

Recently, fans of Natalia Podolskaya had another concern - they suspected that the singer was pregnant. Recall that the singer and her wife Vladimir Presnyakov were proclaimed "Couple of the Year - 2019". In the pictures from the ceremony, fans saw a rounded tummy under Natalya Podolskaya's thin silk dress. They also paid attention to the changed facial features - which only strengthened the followers in their suspicions. The singer herself refutes these rumors.

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